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Congratulations to John Gardner on the pro board ♥ There are few skaters as contagiously fun to watch as John, and if getting people hyped to skate is the principal purpose of why we have pro skateboarders to begin with, John should’ve been pro ages ago :) Creature dropped a remix of his footy from the past few years to illustrate that exact point. Photo by Nik Stain.

Can’t think of a recent skate commercial that was this good. Philly Santosuosso and a friend pay homage to Spike and Mike’s “Is it the shoes?” Jordan ad on the occasion of Philly’s new Venture truck. The execution is just so, so good, right down to every little detail. Give everyone involved a raise.

Jeremy Elkin’s All The Streets Are Silent documentary, which chronicles the events that lead up to the creation of the Mixtape video, received a theatrical release date: July 23. Read our review here.

Ron Parker has a new part for Pig Wheels. Mostly North Carolina footage, with a few New York clips.

Cell Jawn vibes are back in this Miami iPhone edit from the Skate Jawn family ♥

Don Brown was a pleasure to speak to for our first $100 skate shoe article from two years ago, and on the occasion of Sole Tech’s 35th anniversary, Solo sat down with him to go through his archives and sketches of shoe designs, including a Rick Howard éS (!) shoe.

“City Mill Skate could become a useful case study for people to refer to moving forward about the need for skateable spaces and public spaces to not be mutually exclusive, that it’s totally fine and in fact it’s entirely necessary to place the decision making around what skateable obstacles can look like in the hands of skateboarders themselves.” Olympic stadiums are a notoriously precarious use of a city’s resources, and a small organization out in London has been working to integrate skateboarding into that city’s albatross of an Olympic Park — where it had otherwise been banned. Grey has a great feature about it.

Always interested in central city spots that most people know nothing about: a three-minute edit from Cleveland’s Public Square, filmed over the course of five years, as the space was renovated.

Theories started their games of S.K.A.T.E. series back up, this time with a bit of a WKND v.s. Hopps edition.

Our friends at Sweden’s Poetic Collective imprint have a new edit up on Thrasher, and it’s third-eye-open as always.

Well that’s one way to address our carbon footprint: skate wheels from chewing gum. Not sure we should be chewing on anything that could be re-fashioned into a skateboard wheel, but how do they powerslide though? ;)

Quote of the Week: “Nice days piss me off.” — Pad Dowd


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