Short Trip To Space

Cardiel, 1993. Bryce Kanights on the photo. Science v.s. Life on the scan.

Big Parts Unknown vibes in this: Pocket‘s latest installment of its “Followed” / day-in-the-life-esque series trails the samosa vendor from MACBA for a day. This entire piece is so so good, and really shines a light on how essential these peripheral figures at spots are to skate culture. Can’t wait for more. Shout out the the Flushing empanada lady. Shout out to the Brooklyn Banks Burger King, the Love Park Wawa, at al.

Week late, but on the slim chance that you haven’t seen Tristan Mershon’s Fool’s Gold video, filmed in predominantly non-obvious corners of New York, please do. The last two parts are especially incredible, and the curtain-call filming is brilliant. “What’s your spot-finding method?” “Lurking, really.”

A day in Yonkers with the 2nd Nature boys via Mike Sass.

Hot Potato” is the new edit from Stephan Singh with a lot of gems it (that backside flip!)

The dudes behind the Duplex 2 video that dropped right after New Years already have an even *better* project: Sk8 Wing by Jake Lunsford out of West Palm is bound to make you yell at the screen a few times. Been a while since DJ Drama’s yelled at us though…

“Talk about making a video about a spot that isn’t particularly — ..” “…good?” If you couldn’t read about the “Upper West Side Curb Club” video, then maybe you could listen to it’s creator ;) The Vent City podcast had Greg on to discuss the making of not another downtown video.

Skateism goes deep on how the current military coup in Myanmar even affects what was a burgeoning skate scene in the country. If you have the means, please donate to Pushing Myanmar.

Skate Like A Girl is hosting one of their virtual shop hangs at KCDC this week on Wednesday, May 19. Flyer here for full details.

Never too much John Gardner content

ICYMI: Alex on the future of 917 for Jenkem. Legit lol’d a few times.

Riverside, Financial and Tompkins with Homies Network.

Danny Falla and his brother started a skate company out of Peru years ago, and decided to go even harder with it when Danny was staying in Peru during the pandemic. Village Psychic has the first promo for Legaña Skateboards. Peru got spots.

Quote of the Week: “Damnnnn, the market’s down.” — Kevin Tierney

Something that’ll make you smile if you remember the Vine days of yesteryear ♥


  1. Is it truly Yonkers footage with not even a casual DMX and/or Dblock reference?

  2. Shout out to Ali, Ted and all the people at the Mya Lay Yone Skatepark. Went there every time I was in Yangon and always got a warm welcome.

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