Old Spots, New Bondo, Same Friends

Is there any chance you haven’t seen Tenzin’s nollie bigspin heelflip yet? Top 3 Tompkins trick all-time, no hyperbole. Don’t even know what the other two are, just that this is definitely in there ♥

Skate Like A Girl is hosting a silent auction fundraiser that you should definitely support. Bid on everything from #hype sneakers to gear from local brands, with all proceeds going to a great cause.

Who thought an opener part to that Weeknd song from all the memes could hit this hard? Pete Spooner’s New York / Minneapolis / Los Angeles -based Various Artists video extols the synergy of working for an airline while making skate videos on the side, and is now playing up on Free in full. (They’re big fans of Zach Moore’s recent comedy work as well.) Ender part from Jeremy Murray is fire.

“Is Kyle Wilson the best skateboarder alive, as Slam City rhetoricizes? Why not? It is the fundamental question that comes up watching his roundly unimpeachable footage.” Boil the Ocean asks if you believe in the healing power of Kyle Wilson’s skateboarding.

Ten minutes of Ville Wester IG loosies. That switch wallie down the narrow divider in the parking garage is still so, so crazy. Should’ve been a Top 10 inclusion whenever it dropped, but we all make mistakes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Some raw clips of Jake Johnson in his central Pennsylvania hometown from the earliest moments of COVID lockdown last year.

The OG.2000 videos out of France are always a pleasure, and their latest is no exception.

Strange World legend Marisa Dal Santo is the latest guest on The Bunt. Check 4Ply’s number crunch feature on Marisa from a few weeks back ICYMI.

Also ICYMI! Sean Christiansen uploaded his really fun Stockholm-based full-length, Hel Katt, to YouTube (slightly modified edit from the one that premiered on Thrasher.) Parts from David Jakinda and Vincent Huhta, so you know it’s a good time. Add Stockholm to the post-COVID travel wish list, been putting that one off for way too long :(

Paradeworld has an interview with Kris Brown, the most recent addition to the Adidas team.

“All these heads make fun of me for the spots I find cause they’re fucking stupid, and that spot was one of them.” Skate Jawn has an interview with Noah Singleton, whose Sportsman Shit part was an office favorite last year (technically end of 2019.)

Quote of the Week: “What’s good, you skating today? I’m just waiting on laundry…Ethereum about to hit two racks.” — Meatball, in 0.4 seconds

If you haven’t watched this part in a minute, please do yourself a favor:


  1. Big spin heel was proper — looked like something out of the Hyun Kummer playbook

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