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Summer nights, once upon a time. Photo by Jeremy Cohan.

New York’s voter registration deadline is this Friday, October 9th. New Jersey’s registration deadline is next Tuesday, October 13th. Visit Skaters Vote if you’re in another state for information. You already know the drill — if you regularly read QS and don’t vote (assuming you’re eligible), may every karmic force available in the universe roll the fuck out of your ankle on the morning of November 4th, may all your coffees spill onto your crotch for the entire time you’re recovering, and hopefully, you get fucking wheelbite and fly face first into a dirty puddle in front of all your exes on your first day back skating.

Some more Keith Hufnagel tributes: 1) The Warm-Up Zone wrote about Huf’s Non Fiction part, and that brown marble 360 flip that got reposted so much these past two weeks, 2) Free and Sneep / Memory Screen teamed up for a Huf video retrospective, 3) The New York Times ran an obituary for one of New York’s own, and most influential ♥

Wholesome content alert! If you never learned how to pop shove, let Rara teach you.

Over the course of doing “Five Favorite Parts,” we’ve definitely heard more than a few stories about how individually influential Jake’s Mind Field part was. Farran Golding got ahold of Jonathan Mehring for an interview to discuss skating and shooting photos with Jake during the time he was working on it — with the 58th Street switch wallride photo as a springboard for the conversation.

“I inadvertently joined a unique group of adults, that is adults who skate as opposed to skaters who grew up to be adults.” Another one to prove the Slam City Skates blog is legit one of the best skate media sources out there right now: an article about “seniors” picking up skateboarding, with two people who began skating at 51 and 47.

“The look of the working man.” Gilbert Crockett spoke to Parade World about clothes.

NY Skateboarding began a series of interviews about the crossroads of graffiti and skateboarding. Hyped to see them producing original content again :)

I got a job with the mob, makin’ G’s ♫ The Skate Muzik podcast’s latest episode is dedicated to the songs that soundtracked 101 videos.

Grateful skateboarding has moved past a point where “Phat Klown” was thought to be a viable name for a company. Varial heel goat, Joey Bast, is the latest to get the Chromeball Interview treatment.

Lurker Lou has a collab + new part dropping with Park Delicatessen. They’re hosting a skate jam / premiere at Stroud this Saturday, October 10. Flyer here. “That place is basically turning into a parking block skatepark.”

Quote of the Week
Sweet Waste: “Stop playing with that rusty pole! If you cut yourself, you’re gonna have to get a tetanus shot.”
5-Year-Old Playing With a Rusty Pole: “You don’t gotta play with a pole to get shot.”
Sweet Waste: “What’d you just say?”
5-Year-Old Playing With a Rusty Pole: “Nothin’.”

Rest in Peace Steve Barnes.


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