The City College hubba is a wrap. Thanks to Julian for the tip. In commemoration, above is Judaism’s second finest athlete (second to Amare Stoudemire), Danny Weiss, performing a backside 5050 on the now defunct ledge in 2004. Photo by Jeremy Cohan. Got to love how gigantic it looks there.

And it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t acknowledge the fall that may or may not have been responsible for one of rap music’s most unfortunate careers.

Who’s trying to do one of these in Midtown?

Transworld hooked Yaje up with a wallpaper a few weeks ago. One of the finest front feeblers working in skateboarding today.

Bill Strobeck put together a new clip for Quiksilver, in the form of a diptych combining art footage, a few skate tricks, and some presumably marijuana-infused ramblings about pizza slices. It has been a love-or-hate sort of affair. (28 likes, 21 dislikes.)

Finally found a good quality, full version of the Jason Dill “Day in the Life” from 411 #61. It was voted the 93rd most important event in New York skateboarding throughout the 2000s, mostly due to its fashionable neglect of car ownership, its affinity for coffee, and the Gizmo cameo. We’re going to speak with our production department on getting a Matthew Mooney and Jason Dill joint day in the life done for 2011.

Everyone knows the new Grace Ledge plaza was remodeled by skateboard hating sadists, but it’s just getting ridiculous now. They put a row of metal benches in the far back corner on 43rd Street.

It was a pretty honorable move on behalf of the Palace crew when they stopped making PWBC segments just as they peaked in popularity, but they might need to come out of retirement just for the sake of incorporating this video into an episode.

Wish we had Wawa in New York instead of 7-11, but 7-11 had sick commercials in the seventies.

Quote of the Week
FedEx Security Guard: “No skateboarding.
Inquisitive Gentleman: “Oh, but that crackhead sitting over there screaming is cool?
FedEx Security Guard: “Yes, that’s our policy.
Midtown is clearly more fond of drug use than skateboarding.

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Jake Johnson: Road to Recovery

360 flip at Spring Street Park, sometime in 2007 — Photo by Jason Lecras

Contrary to some misinformation out there, Jake Johnson did not go off the deep end and become disinterested in skateboarding. He has been hurt for about a year with a leg injury, and holed up out in Pittsburgh. Jeremy Cohan (the man responsible for Short Ends, the Chapman Skateboards video from 2007 that featured Jake’s first part, for the few who may not know) put together a mini-documentary about Jake’s recovery effort to shed some light on the situation. Even though Jake’s absence as of late had some people afraid that Mind Field may have been his last full length for a very, very long time (especially in an age of increased visibility of nearly every young pro), we’re still talking about a kid who basically spends his time on the injury list driving around and looking for skate spots. Everyone knows that as soon as he’s healthy and at 100-percent, him and Watermelon Alex will probably be cruising the Bronx looking for pole jams over double-sets.

There’s a short bit of junk spot skating towards the end, including a triumphant kickflip backside tailslide, which is definitely a milestone for any path to recovery.