Something About Something

Photo by Daniel Weiss

For Me” is a new montage by Matt Velez of Calzone and Sable fame, and features a full ensemble of Bronze affiliates.

Max Hull shot a video of the skate jam at Ann Van for Wilkie two weekends ago ♥

Keith Denley has a trick in the new six-minute edit from Theories of Atlantis.

Noah Johnson profiled Alexis Sablone for GQ magazine.

Farran interviewed Mason Silva for the Slam City Skates blog.

Pete Thompson has a documentary short about his ’93 Til book, which explores the special openness of skate photography in the nineties.

As much as we think of skateboarding as this global thing that has grown exponentially in recent years, we know next to nothing about skate scenes in some of the most populated corners of earth. “Khidmat,” is a video out of Jakarta, Indonesia (the 4th most populated country on earth, after ours), and has a feel unlike anything else on this list. It actually has some Rios Crew-esque vibes, which is maybe why it struck such a chord. Spotted via Live.

On a less-populated note, “Bearier” is a glimpse of the scene in Anchorage, Alaska, where your dog fights geese, and bears pull up on your Jersey barrier spot mid-session.

The opening line takes up 1/4 of the runtime in “Glass Your Shit,” a new eight-minute edit out of Raleigh by Chris St. Hilaire and Cee-Lo Champs.

If you don’t live in the ~tri-state area and only observe skateboarding here from afar, you may be wondering why everyone’s suddenly skating old, good spots that all but stopped appearing in videos again. This Times article about the potential financial ruin facing Midtown Manhattan puts the emptiness of the streets into context.

Spot Updates1) Big Screen has been completely boarded off at both sides. The fence is even higher now than it is in the photos. There are rumors of them putting astro turf over the plaza, but no real sight of what is going to happen there. 2) After 20+ years, the building made its first attempt at knobbing the benches at CBS. Someone said the Scumco tool fits it. 3) Anyone who was at the Street Riders / Unite NY protest on Saturday got a bird’s eye glimpse of what was left at the Banks when they marched over the bridge. 4) Penn Plaza is also now boarded off for construction, but there was hardly anything left to skate there.

Quote of the Week: “You either quit filming a hero, or continue filming long enough to become angry.” — Cory McNeil


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