Bags of Sand

Broadcasting live from the Lefrak City building ♬ If you haven’t listened to it yet, the Bronze 56k radio mixtape is incredible. The music is mostly time-tested hits from their videos (including a F.C.C-mandated run-back of “Dap You Up“), but the commercials are gold. Laughed out loud 10+ times on first listen.

Listen to Hjalte’s beautiful voice on the latest episode of The Bunt ♥ Stingwater also made a GROeTH remix as an accompaniment to the interview.

“I’ve found it a little bit difficult to motivate skaters unless they know where the project is going. I think it needs to be meaningful to them, to begin with.” If not for videographers with a #vision, we’d all be mindlessly pointing our phones at each other’s noseslides. Skateism has an interview with Shari White about the creation of Vans’ Credits video.

…aanndd Jenkem has an interview with J.P. Blair about the creation of “***420 Vid***.” Did you know 4/20 is also Figgy’s birthday? Will expect Figgy’s birthday parts from everyone on April 20th next year.

Max Hull made a video profile of Lurker Lou at work in his studio for TWS. Nice reminder that people love souvenirs :)

Zach Baker made a photo book and you can preorder it here.

“How come this was your pick for a skate video?” “I don’t know because it’s actually kind of boring.” Gentleman skateboarder, Rory Milanes offers recommendations to the Slam City Skates blog for a film, a book, an album, and a boring skate video for your free time. Wish they asked him to recommend a bottle of wine, too.

Maybe it’s the Eddie Kendricks song at the start, but thoroughly enjoyed this edit of Belgian adults taking a summer trip to New York, and skating exclusively spots we all dread of being stuck at :)

Fun iPhone part from Matteo DeJesus, which might have the first sighting of that re-done marble hubba on 50th & 7th in a video? (He drops in on it at the end.) Everyone’s waiting for a 5050 down that thing to pop up in like, the Creature team’s “Summer Trip to New York” edit or some shit. Probably not this year though.

Yearlong” is what looks to be like another quarantine-inspired phone footy clear-out via Josh Paynter, filmed all around New York — even at the wooden Rockaway skatepark!

Theories began uploading ten-minute slices of raw files from the Static IV video.

They thought sand was gonna do the trick. Ok.

Quote of the Week: “I’ve just been at Tompkins every day since this started. But I’ve also been here every day for the past year.” — Mr. Midtown on Our Interesting Times

Obvs there’s a fatigue on famous people’s IG live content right now, but would tune in to watch DJ Paul nerd out on everything from Memphis-inspired 2Pac songs to Michigan raps once a week long after this all ends. Highlights include him apologizing to Michael Jackson for dropping a “yeah ho” over his music, and Paul going “I made this beat 28 years ago” before he starts laughing on what could easily be some 2020 17-year-old’s creation with 1M Soundcloud plays. Also really rad to hear which of his own beats are his favorites. Part two here.

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