Louie Lopez Remix For $5

The other day, we were entrenched in an office convo about 2010s skate video #musicsupervision. It was observed that in Bronze’s Trust, there’s just something extra in how the video’s energy level reaches new highs once the Speaker Knockerz song kicks in halfway through Chachi’s part. Then came the subsequent dive back into his discography, the somber realization that the timelessness of “Lonely” would hit just as hard if it came out today, and proof that “Flexin’ & Finnessin'” helps cure depression. Rest in Peace ♥

For the past half-decade, Guy Riza’s summer 2014 Quote of the Week (“My favorite skater is Louie Lopez and my second favorite skater is Louie Lopez when he gets older”) has been taped to the fridge in the QS breakroom. With that always in mind, we obtained a stash of Louie loosies that have come out since Purple. And with “Lonely” playing for the 140 millionth time, E.J. said, “If Louie’s born in ’94, you have to edit the video to it.” (In reference to “I was born in ’94, got the tattoo,” naturally.)

Sure enough, we Googled, and he was. (Same birthday as Pryce Holmes!) Nothing will ever be as good as the Bronze section to “Dap You Up,” but at least it was fate.

Also, in a world that we now know to be loaded with tainted manuals, that manny tre manny in Mexico City has to be one of the most iconic manny tricks in recent memory, and beyond reproach in its execution.

Filmed by Ben Chadourne, Ryan Takeshi Lee, James Cruickshank, Lannie Rhoades & Jared Sherbert.