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#confused :(

Berrics, but Reynolds. Plus they compiled every frontside flip he has done in a video.

Migos + Curbs = Sold. Video of the year.

Politic Skateboards welcomes renown crust aficionado, Eric “Derm” Dermond, to the team with a cool new part, which includes a team montage at the start.

A little over a year ago, Young Scooter and Gunplay inspired American skate teams to begin venturing to Colombia. Is Bolivia the next frontier?

In 100% agreement that the greatest non-S.J. in Modus trick ever done was both 1) in the rain and 2) never actually landed. Matt Schlager belongs on the Dime Ballers shirt.

Six years after it flew under the radar as 2008’s S.O.T.S. sleeper hit (“A Milli” and “Whatever You Like” won in a landslide), these guys made an iPhone edit to “Let the Beat Build.” Still one of the best summer songs in recent memory. Also, did those slabs of metal on Hester take Seaport 5.0’s slot for 2014’s “Spot of the Summer?”

The Washington Heights park has lights now!

Alex Olson likes backside lipsliding down Black Hubba.

Some desaturated Dutch skateboarding.

Can’t tell if the “Death Video” is actually a video in the making, or just a confusingly titled series of B-roll clips, but volume nine is now live. The pad-to-pad ollie at Manhattan and Scholes is awesome.

Live Skateboard Media has a new interview with Eli Reed.

“Only That Real,” except the Easy Mo Bee version. Sort of. It’s cool.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Damien Lillard’s almost full court buzzer beater. And if you post that Paul George injury on Vine or Instagram, you’re an asshole. Get well soon PG. The ECF winner is pretty easy to call now, huh?

Quote of the Week: “My favorite skater is Louie Lopez and my second favorite skater is Louie Lopez when he gets older.” — Guy Riza

P.S. Once you go to this spot, you’ll never complain about skating in New York again.


  1. The GX1000 Thrasher series is very solid. Medellin with Stevie Perez and friend of the Snack, Jake Johnson. And the one with the grates was sick, as well. And they keep the sound New York 90s.

  2. From the QS sports desk: A Brooklyn man, who lives in his mother’s basement, just bought the Nets’ ABA affiliate for $10,000. A deposit of $2500 and a payment plan of $250 a month is all it takes. Clippers just sold for 2 billion, so this is a pretty good deal. Think of the t shirt and merchandise numbers you could do. The Snack snowman on a jersey. Cheerleaders. Maybe Alex Olson hippy jumping a flaming hoop [no homo] at halftime.

  3. quote of the week is actually ” I think it was Andy Warhol that once said “A good artist copies, but a great artist fucks your bitch.” ” -Peter Sidlauskas

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