A Day Late — J.P. Blair’s ‘***420 Vid***’

While we were undergoing our own 420 2020 festivities yesterday, J.P. Blair released “***420 Vid***.” It includes a bunch of 2016-2019 footage that was on the periphery of Bronze projects from that time, cameos from the NJ Skateshop dudes, and a full part from Jacob Gottlieb at the end, featuring a revisitation of his #viral Tribeca moment from some time back ;)

The video should bring a joyful tear to the eye of anyone who holds a special place in their heart for J.P’s old VX edits. (Or any QS reader who has been with us long enough to remember the days when Kevin Tierney’s claims that J.P’s video was due out “next month” for four years comprised of 50% of the jokes on here ♥)

And when did everyone get so obsessed with skating behind the old Pearl Paint on Lispenard? I think my last memory of being #stuck at a spot pre-quarantine is there.

Whenever that was ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Full cast list on J.P’s Vimeo page.


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