Zach Baker’s 420 2020 Part

Photo by Dan Z.

QS has long-prided itself as a home for the talents of skateboarding’s blue collar class: those working heroes who sell the boards, pack the boxes, and manage the personalities to keep the skateboard industry machine going. With those gears now grinding at — maybe not a halt — but definitely in a recovery-mode version of their regular pace, it is a good time to thank our tiny industry-equivalent of essential workers. How else would skateboarding’s elites get icy white wheels to do quarantined tre flips on top of glass tables if not for the brave souls who mail them?

Today, on the 13-year anniversary of Billy Rohan grabbing a megaphone with a “Legalize It” sticker on it to announce to the world that “marijuana smells like drugs,” we have a part from our dearest of essential friends, Zach Baker. He is responsible for your local shop’s Alltimers box arriving on time, and for the fact that nobody died on the bachelor-party-without-a-marriage trip to Greece that Will Marshall just recounted on The Bunt.

We love you Zach, and would be lost without your guiding light ♥

Filmed by: Tape God, Emilio Cuilan, Dustin Henry, Etienne Gagne, Gabe Tennen, GDP, Peter Sidlauskas, Wheatley, Jake Kuzyk, Ruben Spelta, Charles Rivard


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