Reps Who Rip — Tyler Tufty’s ‘BLKSHP3’ Part

Photo via Drew Adams

Once upon a time in the sweet, innocent year of 2014, the Quartersnacks newsroom came up with the idea of doing a “Reps Who Rip” series of video parts. They would be shortish, not-too-serious parts from guys working a job hawking skate goods and still finding the time to shred.

The inaugural offering came from Sweet Waste in April of that year, but future attempts at creating a series would prove what an idealistic group of video journalists we once were. The tragedy of Keith Denley’s attempt at a “Reps Who Rip” has been discussed here before. The next try was slated to be with Tyler Tufty — all the paperwork was drafted and ready to be signed — but life intervened. Tyler moved to North Carolina, and filming a part during the 72 hour stints he’d be in New York for work proved to be a logistical nightmare for our partyboy camera staff.

Which brings us to Tyler’s part in Drew AdamsBLKSHP3 video for Black Sheep Skate Shop down in Charlotte. It features nearly every shoe salesman we know (yes, even Keith) alongside Tyler as guest skaters, serving as a de facto “Reps Who Rip” follow-up, five years after the first.

You can buy the BLKSHP3 video in full via Vimeo OnDemand for eight bucks ♥


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