Which Celebrity Allegedly Got Bit in the Face Outside of Max Fish?

Classic” • Photo via Nik Stain

Another addition to the “wish this was 4x as long”-pile: just under a minute of Kevin Bradley and Alice Coltrane, via Johnny Wilson.

“For this reason, any alternative headspace that can be conjured by a Palestinian, is a radical form of resistance.” Medium has a photo feature and article about the growing skate scene in Palestine.

The Poetic Collective video is online in full. Wtf is Poetic Collective? Funny you should ask

Thoroughly enjoyed Skateism‘s new interview with Lee Smith, which talks about everything from diversity, Kareem and riding for his companies, to the days when Gonz wasn’t popping like that, to a time when Embarcadero footage was actually looked down on by the skate media ecosystem — “That’s something that a lot of people don’t know. They were like, ‘All you guys just sit around at this one place in the city, trying tricks on curbs all day long.'”

Lee also plays R.B. in the return of Transworld‘s “Skate Nerd” trivia show, and that’s where you can find out the answer to this post’s headline :)

The Berrics did a “Day in the Life” thing with Zered that some YouTube commenters found a bit anti-climactic, but hey, that’s life y’all. Win some, lose some, especially when you’re driving out to Jersey to skate cutty bank spots.

There’s a minute of new Jordan Trahan footage at the start of the new 5Boro edit live on Jenkem. The Jenkem dudes also visited Nardelli’s apartment — from which he runs the company — for a quick video tour.

Bill Strobeck uploaded over eight minutes of Alex Olson raw clips from the Quiksilver/Cinematographer Project era, just before filming for “cherry” got underway.

TWS also began hosting a video series of Steve Marino’s New York outtakes from the mid-2000s A.K.A. the era when people skated with a t-shirt hanging out of their back pocket.

After a year-long hiatus, the Skateboard Story website is back with a James Rewolinski interview about opening up the second Labor location in Bushwick.

“The implications were enormous: Here was a kid out of continental Europe turning down one Skater of the Year and another credible coulda-been to continue filming clips with his friends for ‘tha gram.'” Boil the Ocean chimes in re: the Versace Plug part + ghosting Torey Pudwill.

Skate Jawn has a quick interview with Kris Brown, who you might remember, did it for a Louis belt ♥ + the Slam City Skates blog has a #longform interview with QS office favorite, Andrew Allen.

The Mostly Skateboarding Podcast provides an audio addendum to Frozen in Carbonite’s piece on MACBA that we ran last week. (I know a lot of our immediate circle of friends is burnt out on Barce trips, but if you haven’t been, it truly should be put on any skateboarder’s bucket list. We’ve bought round-trip direct tickets for $350 from New York before…)

Coupe Gorge” is the new edit from Cinquieme Terrasse, which gives a glimpse into the not-so-obvious corners of the Paris scene (and includes a Ben Blundell cameo!) + “Endless Blue” is a new edit by Josh Simpson that does the exact same thing for London, though sans Ben Blundell cameos ;)

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Gotta give it to Lebron’s mid-game Kobe tribute that got re-posted 8,000,000 times just because.

Quote of the Week
Antonio Durao: “Ginger beer and gin is so good, but a ginger shot with gin is the best.”
Inquisitive Gentleman: “…what? How do you get a ginger shot at a bar?”
Antonio Durao: “…um, you steal it from Whole Foods.”


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