Best Trick For a Louie Belt Recap

Illustration by Charles Rivard

It is a scientifically proven fact that you come back from a skate trip 38% stupider than when you left. And out of all the stupid things that we have brought home from a skate trip, a year-late / ironic / moronic (…I truly don’t know anymore) infatuation with “Sicko Mode” has to be among the stupidest souvenirs that we have ever given our loved ones upon return.

Well no, it wasn’t even “Sicko Mode.” Somehow, someway, halfway through our last trip — when the idiocy truly started to take over our brains — we put “Sicko Bamba” into regular rotation in the van each day. (Yes, “Sicko Bamba” is exactly what you think it is.) Our brain cells were spilling from our heads so fast that a mash-up of the two songs that nobody had a reason to listen to past 11:59 P.M. December 31, 2018 ever again was — for whatever reason — the funniest thing in the world.

So yeah, 38% dumber is the generous estimate, because when we got asked to host the Best Trick event at House of Vans Philadelphia this past weekend (which is not much different than “hosting” a table at a night club, except instead of free alcohol for looking cute, it’s free money for doing tricks), the only thing we could of think is: “What if it was best trick for a Louie [sic] belt?”

Another life lesson was learned in trying to pull it off. Two-variable “best trick” contests are tough. It was best two-trick line on two slabs of Love Park marble, and best line on a five-down, five-up as a homage to the iconic City Hall spot (which people would be going off on right now if it were still around.) It was hectic, to say the least.

Recap via Max Hull, with second angle help from Corey McNeil A.K.A. CoreyInDaHouse.

It ended up being more MVP For a Louie Belt, rather than a Louie belt for one single best trick. Congrats to Kris Brown for taking it home. We shared Kris’ most recent part this past summer, but you should revisit it again because he rips.


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