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The classic “We’ve been stuck at Columbus Park all day but at least there’s a pretty sunset”-photo. Any skaters ever from these buildings?

2020 Unity

“Are you getting the Travis Scott SBs?”
“Yeah, we’re getting them. We’re doing a raffle over the phone — you just have to sing a Travis Scott song right now. Just tell us which one, and we’ll drop the beat.”

Area Code is a new full-length video out of The Bronx by Edgar Padilla. Features an opener from Angel Fonseca, and an ender part from Olu Stanley. And like any video out of The Bronx, it feels refreshingly different than the Tompkins-Mural Ledge-Pyramids Ledges-whatever circuit we find ourselves in on a typical #content hunt.

…aanndd while we are here: “Coarse Lanes” is a mellow new edit by Pedro Beker and the Bronx’s Hefty Krew.

Boil the Oceans considers a question that many are now wondering given that both sides of the spot are a go: “If Franky Spears kickflip backside noseblunts the Pyramid Ledges and the footage disappears, is it again an NBD?”

Caleb Barnett is the latest guest on The Bunt, and Na-Kel Smith has an interview with the Masked Gorilla podcast.

Max Palmer, Andrew Wilson and Josh Pall hit all the ditch spots in Austin, Texas for a new edit with Carhartt W.I.P. and Skate Jawn.

Even watching people grind through the cracks at Paine Webber second-hand has a certain satisfaction to it… Dudesarecool5 uploaded a nine-minute montage from the end of last summer.

Nick Michel becomes the first person to ollie over the now-guardrailed Liquor Bump in Brooklyn, via the New York section @ the ~6:30 mark of the “Wrecking Crew” video up on Thrasher.

Gonz skates the smoothed over China Banks, Jamal Smith skates Three Up Three Down, and then Gonz skates Chelsea Park with Tony Hawk in the latest installment of Krooked’s “Abnormal Communication” series.

There’s some sick footage of Oski skating the bowl at Supreme Brooklyn in Marcus Pulvermacher’s new edit, entitled “Bunnycake.”

It’s hard to be comprehensive in just sixty seconds (gonna have to wait for that Krak clip…), but someone on Insta put together a highlight reel from the rail at Columbus Park.

Heath Kirchart gives a video interview re: how the currency of skate video parts has changed. It’s from 2016, but only now being released and just as topical to 2020, if not more ;)

Fuck you, you purple-ass motherfucker. Theories uploaded the New York section from 2014’s Static 4 video.

Some U.K. content for the third-largest portion of our audience (by country, obvs)…

“Vic Benches became Toby Shuall’s spiritual home, a focal point for Nick Jensen’s progression and the place where Lucien Clarke learned to skate.” Now that the spot is gone, the Slam City Skates blog has a series of interviews about London’s Vic Benches (the spot Lucien pulls the knob off of at the start of his Palasonic part.)

“I was in the Amazon, the Amazon river, on a boat and I had this epiphany.” North skate mag has an interview with QS-office favorite, Korahn Gayle.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Haven’t been paying attention to shit really, but here’s a cute pass ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Quote of the Week
E.J: “You gonna go to Bossa Nova?”
Valuer Of Sleep: “Isn’t that at 4 A.M?”
E.J: “It’s not at 4 A.M, it starts at 4 A.M.”


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