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Mega relevant to a certain segment of our readers and anyone who has appeared in a B.S.A. Boys video: the northern zone of McCarren Park adjacent to the bathrooms, known to many as “The Couch,” is slated to be renovated into a restaurant next year.

Marcus Pulvermacher made a fourteen-minute edit from summer 2019 that includes a ton of bro cam clips of Genny and Caleb. Fun vibe to start a 55-degree Monday in February…

Zeb Weisman, Lurker Lou, Greg Huff & The Man Who Films went to 2019’s hottest skate getaway…in 2020! They came back with this edit that includes footage on civilization’s first hip. Is Tbilisi set to become 2020’s #trending skate trip destination, or is that too early to call?

“East coast future-horror merchants Terror of Planet X are not the first ones one might look to for soul soothement…” Honestly, every random upload on the Thrasher site should be so lucky as to have a write-up as loving and ridiculous as Boil the Ocean going #long on the new Terror of Planet X video. If running QS has taught anything, it’s that *sentences* about why *something* is *special* in the midst of constant content onslaught are particularly helpful in giving that thing an extra push ♥

James Sayres has a full part at the start of “Company,” Michael Chew’s new video, entirely filmed in New York.

Could do without the faux film scratch effect, but there is a lot of rad skating in this new video from Thumbs NYC.

Bust Crew posted up an edit from Pulaski that looks like it was from the days they were filming for Mother.

…like what reason would there be to post five-year-old footy from the old House of Vans? Ok fine, the cab flip at end, you win. Sheeeeesh.

We were just talking about a Museum of Skateboarding! …and it looks like it is en route to becoming a reality. Post that curator job on the LinkedIn yo.

In our continued coverage of post-Brexit, English-speaking E.U. member skate scenes, we bring you this quick winter edit from Cork, a small city in the Republic of Ireland that somehow houses a decent QS following. QS &heart; Cork. Saw a meme about how it’s now the second-largest English-speaking city in the E.U.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Forget who, but someone said “Damian Lillard plays like if James Harden was fun to watch,” and that seems 100% correct.

Quote of the Week: “It didn’t even call us broke.” – Zach Baker re: the Jezebel article

One of the most beautiful and heartwarming songs by one of the most influential artists of the past ten years is an illicit YouTube upload from July 2019 with 19k views — and people still have the nerve to roll their eyes when you answer “YouTube” after asking what you use to stream music.


  1. is everything wrong with today’s #fakenews media and exactly why Gawker is a shell of a rotting dinosaur carcass — writer prob spent college being celebrated by broke adjunct professors for being a victim

  2. someone needs to do a mix of genny and caleb clips

    or they should share a part and then i’ll never ask anyone for anything ever again.

  3. 70% of what I listen to is Thugger and I have never heard more lights before thank you so much for this gift, i have literally listened to notnhiong else this morning.

  4. Hello Maria,

    I wanted to reach out to you in regards to the article you published on Jezebel about why adult men shouldn’t skateboard. This is something making rounds in the skateboarding community and I figured I could help you understand some things about the entire group of people you’ve decided to target.

    A bit about me – I’m a 28 year old straight male who skateboards. I have been for most of my life. Skateboarding is a form of exercise, an outlet for creative expression, a tight-knit community activity and so much more. For you to generalize an entire group as “big dumb babies” is extremely offensive.

    If I may ask – how often are you physically hit by skateboarders that your #1 and #2 points are that we take up too much space? I would imagine pretty frequently if that’s your number one point. Perhaps you should be more aware of your surroundings on the sidewalk?

    #3 I won’t even acknowledge as it appears to be a clear troll. #4 though – adult men skateboarders are often childish? In what way? That we spend time outdoors enjoying a physical activity that helps teach resilience, determination, patience, and other valuable virtues? Consider me a child.

    #5, sure, it can be considered a sport. But I assure you, nobody chooses to skateboard to give off a “bad boy edge.” We do it because it’s fun, and way harder shooting a basketball through a hoop.

    #6, skateboarding is not sexy. Again, not why anybody chooses to skateboard. And also, neither are you.

    #7 it’s dangerous. OK? So is driving a car, crossing the street, etc. That shouldn’t be a reason why an entire group of people should choose not to do something.

    #8 it’s actively embarrassing. To who? Not to the people doing it. Most people could care less what an onlooker thinks, as most of you likely have no idea what kind of skills are required to just roll down the street.

    #9 is absurd as well so I won’t comment on that. And #10 – skateboarding is mid-life crisis-y. So is taking the time to write this article generalizing about an entire population of people just trying to have fun.

    I hope after reading this feedback you will reconsider your take. It’s unfortunate to see that someone from Jezebel, who I’m sure doesn’t enjoy being classified as a certain type of person, is doing just that to a group of others.

    Adult Male Skateboarder

  5. #public history – cant wait to see a listing on Archives Gig for an archivist to work with skate related collections.

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