Who Da Neighbors

“That person next to you — whatever thing wrong you might have with them, it might be big or small — let that shit go. It doesn’t matter.” ♥♥♥

Long distance relationships are never easy, and to help soothe the heartache, Jesse Alba made a full surprise Nolan Benfield part with cameos from Cyrus ‘n them.

The full, 38-minute NY/NJ-based Sportsmanshit video is now live via Skate Jawn. A lot of “totally forgot about that spot”-reactions watching this one. Very fun, the whole way through :)

“For years, the frontside 180 rotted as though entombed beneath an aromatic, regenerative compost heap. Then arrived muckraking New Jerusalemer Dick Rizzo, coiled and unshaven.” Boil the Ocean considers the worth of the frontside 180 in the 2020 skate trick marketplace.

Japan’s VHS Mag interviewed Nick Ferro.

Lots of chic 5050s and spots you don’t see much of, via the Parisian youth in Augustin Giovannoni’s new edit sans music. That last clip is fucked. Oh, and the hair is all great ;)

Nick Matthews ollied the gap at the base of the Manhattan Bridge and then rode a manual down to Bowery in his new part. (Do people still call that thing the “Muska Gap?” Is this only the second trick that’s ever been done on it?)

The Slam City Skates blog interviewed the dude we’d nominate to be the head curator of the Museum of Skateboarding, once it inevitably arrives: Tim Anderson, A.K.A. Bobshirt, obvs.

Theories is taking votes for its annual “Underground Skater of the Year” award. We’re partial to the Bos brothers because it’s a whole multimedia package of a vote, but also Dom Henry dropped like nineteen parts last year…

The Bunt dudes talked to Darrell Stanton for a very long time.

The Skate Talk podcast interviewed Pulaski Park O.G, Carlos “Pooch” Kenner about growing up skating in D.C. during a time when he had to hide his board from friends at school. Lol @ Half Cabs being “fishing shoes.” (P.S. Pooch was our authority on the Pulaski McDonald’s for our notorious skate spot fast food piece last year.)

Thrasher hung out with Eli Reed and talked about his love of dancehall music.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Rest in Peace

Quote of the Week
Torey Goodall: “I think I’m gonna wear the camo short sleeve tee.”
Observant Gentleman: “But it’s cold out.”
Torey Goodall: “Yeah, but it’s Polo.”


  1. That Darrel, like, Stanton interview was like, really, like, rambling and, like, difficult to like, listen to. Like, I dunno, ya know? Like, I guess, like, whatever, ya know? And like, yeah, like, didn’t even like, answer the questions, like, just like, trying to like, humble brag and like, I dunno, like, comparing himself to like, MJ, and like, I dunno like, ya know?

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