Monday Service

Hat tip to PLA Skate in Folsom, CA for the chic spread ♥

Our webstore is now live with new fall QS gear. Thank you for the support :)

In case you crawled under a rock in the early hours of Thursday morning and are just joining us… Supreme released Candyland, a new full-length video in honor of their new S.F. shop. Spent the weekend thinking what exactly to write about it, but it feels like a certain switch inward heel is the perfect writers prompt. #staytuned.

Reda and R.B. put together a video profile of The Bronx’s Public Housing Skate Team.

Stop” is a rad New York VX montage from Tristan Mershon.

Shout out to Gothamist for throwing some shade towards the borough president in its article about Brooklyn Borough Hall being skate-proofed. Was shocked to see so much support for skaters in the article’s comments, but out of any spot in New York, that place has the most République-esque energy. We have always co-existed peacefully with pretty much everyone there.

“There was free beer and lots of dudes in beanies.” Skate Jawn posted up an article about the Dime video premiere + Live @ Stadium weekend.

Paul Young put together a quick montage from a 2018 Quasi trip to Miami.

“Which five video parts could guide some 2050s hardflipper through this expiring decade’s ups, downs and wooly sideways moves?” Boil the Ocean offers up — not necessarily a top five favorite parts of the decade — but a list of decade-defining watershed parts that will be remembered for steering skateboarding, for better or worse, in the 2010s. Our mathematicians are hard at work right now, but might get sent out to the warehouse to pack webstore orders for a day or two. Results of the Readers Survey in mid-November tho.

Bronze has a minute-long commercial for their Reebok collaboration.

Tony G” is the new one from the Cinquieme Terrasse boys (+ Ben Blundell) out in Paris, and gives in overview of some of the people ripping out there outside the typical Chadourne x Blobys slant that we fall into on QS. Their full-length from this time last year is worth a rewatch, too.

Here’s some B-roll from the NJ/NY-based Pleasure video that we linked up back in August.

“Oh My God, Harry” is a short film by Waylon Bone, shot in New York.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Haven’t had a chance to watch a single game this season just yet (and have no feelings about any team in New York), but this Kyrie drive against three defenders was cold. Wish the dude well.

Quote of the Week:

This came out two months ago, but only properly sunk in this past weekend ♥


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