Can We Have A Pool Dad?

Adam & Slicky • Photo by Sophie Day

“I would be on tour with all these guys and that late 90s San Diego, hip-hop style of culture was ruling at the time. And I was just a kid from Northern California who liked My Bloody Valentine.” There’s a really nice interview with Jerry Hsu about life after sponsors in …GQ? Jk, Noah knows what he’s doing ♥

Dylan Holderness put together a rad ten-minute video from ten days in Puerto Rico. Shout out to having wild horses chilling in the background of city plazas. We went to that spot and didn’t see any damn horses!

The text is in German, but the dudes from Irregular skate mag put up a supplementary article to their “Summer Trip To New York” clip that was linked last Monday, and it includes a ton of really sick photos. Shout out to everyone going the extra mile in the #legacy #content realm. Tricks can be A.B.D. — but everyone’s story is different yaknow.

The fashion mags are onboard for the cause — Dazed ran an article about the cultural significance of the Tompkins asphalt, and Paper did the same. We cannot stress enough that this is so much bigger than skateboarding, and more about the community that this small patch of asphalt has cultivated. → Please sign and share the petition if you have yet to do so. Actually, if you read QS and haven’t signed it, please focus your board and computer. (And no, we haven’t heard an update back from Parks yet, but are hoping for some news this week.)

Shout out to the Long Live Southbank squad for unlocking a part of the spot that has been closed off for over a decade-and-a-half, thanks to a massive fundraising effort. Skateism has the details. And Free has the footage from the first day of the spot’s re-opening. Man, all we’re trying to do is keep some fake grass off a lil’ bit of asphalt.

Kalis stars in the new teaser from Chris Mulhern’s Love Park documentary.

Richard Quintero put together a cool feature on Kenny Anderson’s trumpet playing endeavors. It has a good bit of footage at the end of him and Brian Brown skating around Williamsburg.

Love a web clip that keeps up with tradition: the Pop Trading Co. guys gotta be three years strong on Paris Fashion Week montages at this point.

…aanndd Boil the Ocean is seven years deep on its summertime mixtape series, which just wrapped its grab bag of recommendations.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Tyshawn noseblunted the top of the Paine Webber bench.

Brower Park is fenced off for construction. No telling if they’re going to mess up any of the benches or ledges just yet. Thanks to Martin for the tip. UPDATE: Looks like it is going to be a year-long thing.

I had stumbled through a dystopian portal. I thought of what a colleague had said the day before: ‘You’re one step above an Amazon drone.’ I thought of something Professor van Doorn had said, that the couriers’ real value to the app companies is in the data harvested like pollen as we make our rounds, data that will allow them to eventually replace us with machines.” 2023 is closer than you think. We warned you in February.

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  1. Saw the Brower shit the other day. Really weird because that part of the park is still in good shape. One of the few Brooklyn ledge spots that isn’t actually a curb.

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