Sanguine Paradise

Please sign the petition to show your support for keeping the asphalt at the Tompkins Square Park courts. This space is as sacred to skateboarding and the East Village as the Rucker or the West 4th Street courts are to basketball. It would be a massive loss to the youth and cultural fabric of the neighborhood if they were covered with synthetic turf. We are a few hundred shy of 25,000 (!!!) signatures, so please please please share the petition with your friends, and on your respective social channels.

After many years of captivity, the Zipper Ledge is finally free and dressed with a fresh, yellow paintjob, as first reported by @mini_spots. (Don’t ask for pin! That’s like asking where the Empire State Building is!) If only the park starts opening the gate at Yellow Rail, then the entire Morningside little kid skate scene circa 2003 will be in full revival.

Jesse Alba is the latest guest on The Bunt, and really happy that he no longer lives at 51 Eldert Street.

…aanndd Max Palmer is half the man he used to be in Jesse’s new #longform iPhone edit.

One of the hardest things about interviewing skateboarders is not asking the same ten things that the last few interviews they did asked. It’s special and rare when you get someone for their first one. Caleb Barnett did his first ever interview with the Slam City Skates blog.

“Time of Occurrence: 4:20.” Irregular skate mag out of Germany put together a six-minute “Summer Trip to New York” edit that really amplifies the lilac paint job that they on the FDR in its Seaport footage (it is the ~color of the season~ after all…) That first song is pretty sacred around here, but we confirmed that no one cares about #abdmusicsupervision anymore!

ICYMI: Tyshawn returned to T.F. West for an IG-length encore to his all-trashcan “KILLER” part.

Another ICYMI: the D.C-based Facades video, which features yet another all-Pulaski section from Bobby Worrest at the end, and a quick New York stopover in the middle.

Aaron Herrington and the Chrystie team brought QS office favorite, Shin Sanbongi, along on a trip to Barcelona and Gran Canaria for their “Chapter 2” video.

Village Psychic interviewed Nardelli about 5Boro circa 2k19, and North interviewed 5Boro 2k19 teamrider, Neil Herrick.

Playing Los Angeles is a 25-min L.A. vid by Harry Bergenfield featuring every street-side spot the city has to offer, and an ensemble of citizens angry about them.

“THE NEXT DAY I walked up to Tompkins Square. It’s a foul little park and a symbolic one.” The Village Voice compiled all its coverage from the Tompkins Square riots of August 1988 in one place.

Quote of the Week
Pryce Holmes: “Is there such thing as shirtless respect?”
Francesco Pini: “After spending many days in Italy, I can tell you that being shirtless [in public] is only disrespect.”

Late to this, but it sure did brighten up ten minutes of a long bus ride…


  1. *the ‘facades’ link takes you to ‘playing los ang’ – appreciate the gem links always

  2. is this pic of Muska and the QS inner circle homie (sorry don’t know his name) taken recently? If so that’s wild how Muska has slid back to his former style self

  3. never in a million years would i think that meatball and muska are almost the same height

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