Where Have You Been? ‘Cause I Never See You Out.

She got good taste in skate brands. Keep in mind that we’re huge fans.

After a week of sparse exposure to the internet, please forgive us if any of these links are like, three days late…

Vice asks Stevie Williams questions that Stevie Nicks and Stevie Wonder had once answered. The photo of the three of them together is incredible.

Sorry for two Vice links in a row, but Taji put together a recap of Black Dave’s opening performance for Juicy J this past Thursday.

This week in our continued coverage of high-fashion’s pursuit of skateboarders, several notable Tompkins personalities have signed on with Rag & Bone. We’re looking forward to seeing more heavily-curated #stylez on the T.F. benches this upcoming fall. (Previously: Alex Olson on Chanel, Dylan Rieder on Alexander Wang. Funny how we predicted this a year ago.)

Here’s Kevin Tierney’s first solo Zoo York ad.

J3 is a homie video by Matt Roberge. It’s hard to tell where it is based out of, but Quartersnacks is contractually obligated to link any video that includes a (particularly great) Max B song. Beyond the soundtrack, it’s an all-around fun 16-minute watch.

R.B. Umali put together two clips for Red Bull in anticipation of Manny Mania. Manny Mania passed (Brezinski won), but any footage of Zered and Luis Tolentino skating New York is always welcome. P.S. Has anyone who takes skate contests too seriously screamed “CONSPIRACY!” in regards to Joey Brezinski designing the obstacles that he wins contests on? P.P.S. Puma has a skate team?

If you enjoy skateboarding, you should buy a plane ticket to Spain. Here’s one bit of motivation, which reveals how it is possible to skate the most blown-out skate trip destination in Europe (the world?) for three weeks, and still avoid many of its most famous spots. Oh, and Madrid has a lot of spots too, in case you didn’t know.

EVENTS! If you’re into contests and demos, the Afro Punk Festival is this weekend.

DON’T FORGET! Film a stupid line, and win a Girl/Indy/Spitfire complete, Nikes, stunner shades and a grip of Four-Star gear.

Quote of the Week: “Should I see Magic Mike or the Katy Perry movie?” — T-Bird

Last but not least, there was a Ryan Hickey sighting yesterday.


  1. she’s wearing that shirt because it has a goddess on it and has significance to her and what she worships, and we should all know by now by her music videos that literally state it that Rhianna is an “Illuminati slut princess” HAH no lie, just go watch her music video for “S&M” on youtube . And if you know anything about your history, these sick fucks are into the whole Hebrew, Greek, and Paganist bullshit. They aren’t just there for your entertainment, and they especially aren’t talented in any way. They are just there to give you something to gawk at as they wash your brain out and fill it with their own manipulating so they can control everything you do, say, eat, purchase, etc. SO IN OTHER WORDS…….FUCK THAT WHORE. Tighten up kids, OPEN UP YOUR EYES. THEY LIVE WE SLEEP.

  2. zered has been better than tierney switch since before vicious cycle, ask nolan lee he is an aficionado on tierney hatered

  3. pretty sure zered was trying to switch crooks that rail but just ollied over it… i didn’t see / hear actual grinding in that clip

  4. Zered has also been pro almost as long as Kevin has been skating, why all the Drippy hate, he’s the realest.

  5. nike sb sick freak cool dope shit. tennis cryshaun radtimes at tompkins bench, bt daniel weiss.

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