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“Phi kappa Psi House off the chain Trippy!” — @money5000

Don’t forget — Black Dave is opening up for the one and only Mistah Don’t Play A.K.A. Project Pat at Santos Party House tomorrow night (Tuesday, February 26.) Doors open at 8 P.M. 96 Lafayette Street. Tickets are $20 at the door, $15 in advance. Dave also has a mixtape and music video Kids remake out too.

Vice has a new interview with Josh Kalis. He’s a Yaje Popson fan.

Fresh off a sighting in Sabotage 3 (at Love Park, nonetheless), Brian Wenning also appears in latest Habitat-heavy NJ Scum montage.

Every part should be so lucky as to receive a RI-MIX. It’s two months old, but we somehow just found out about it via Recordings of Boardings: Massimo Cavedoni re-edited to the Instagram genius, Badgalriri. Also, if you ever feel overwhelmed by the daily onslaught of Hella Clips and Skatevideosite, Recordings of Boardings is a great slower-paced alternative.

The Harlem Shake made it to Lenox Ledges. No, not the one from the G. Dep video.

Some wonderful person mashed up 40 minutes worth of bonus footage from the Girl and Chocolate tour videos of the past ten years to make a sick B-sides tribute mix. Has anybody called it “Better than Pretty Sweet” yet?

More good stuff out of Pittsburgh: Scumco & Sons rider, Dan Peindl’s part in Yunker.

Check the latest Skate Jawn montage with a perhaps first-ever line outside of the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

R.B. Umali talks about filming for early issues of 411, the Houston skate scene in the nineties, and Lennie Kirk’s “ignorant” tattoo.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week:You trying to get the pipe?”

Quote of the Week:You trying to get the pipe?”

P.S. When the previous Bronze video reaches 56,000 views, the new Bronze video will be released. Refresh its YouTube page 100 times a day.

Where Have You Been? ‘Cause I Never See You Out.

She got good taste in skate brands. Keep in mind that we’re huge fans.

After a week of sparse exposure to the internet, please forgive us if any of these links are like, three days late…

Vice asks Stevie Williams questions that Stevie Nicks and Stevie Wonder had once answered. The photo of the three of them together is incredible.

Sorry for two Vice links in a row, but Taji put together a recap of Black Dave’s opening performance for Juicy J this past Thursday.

This week in our continued coverage of high-fashion’s pursuit of skateboarders, several notable Tompkins personalities have signed on with Rag & Bone. We’re looking forward to seeing more heavily-curated #stylez on the T.F. benches this upcoming fall. (Previously: Alex Olson on Chanel, Dylan Rieder on Alexander Wang. Funny how we predicted this a year ago.)

Here’s Kevin Tierney’s first solo Zoo York ad.

J3 is a homie video by Matt Roberge. It’s hard to tell where it is based out of, but Quartersnacks is contractually obligated to link any video that includes a (particularly great) Max B song. Beyond the soundtrack, it’s an all-around fun 16-minute watch.

R.B. Umali put together two clips for Red Bull in anticipation of Manny Mania. Manny Mania passed (Brezinski won), but any footage of Zered and Luis Tolentino skating New York is always welcome. P.S. Has anyone who takes skate contests too seriously screamed “CONSPIRACY!” in regards to Joey Brezinski designing the obstacles that he wins contests on? P.P.S. Puma has a skate team?

If you enjoy skateboarding, you should buy a plane ticket to Spain. Here’s one bit of motivation, which reveals how it is possible to skate the most blown-out skate trip destination in Europe (the world?) for three weeks, and still avoid many of its most famous spots. Oh, and Madrid has a lot of spots too, in case you didn’t know.

EVENTS! If you’re into contests and demos, the Afro Punk Festival is this weekend.

DON’T FORGET! Film a stupid line, and win a Girl/Indy/Spitfire complete, Nikes, stunner shades and a grip of Four-Star gear.

Quote of the Week: “Should I see Magic Mike or the Katy Perry movie?” — T-Bird

Last but not least, there was a Ryan Hickey sighting yesterday.

Essential Viewing

Must Watch: R.B. Umali “Shoot All Skaters” — Part 2. (Part 1 here.)

Tackles various topics: Stussy Asia tour (back when Stussy had AVE, Huf, Scott Johnston, Danny Montoya, etc. all on one team), never deleting Gino footage, the Javitz double set, Kalis v.s. Pyramid Ledges, Kalis v.s. the Banks wall, Zered v.s. the Nassau rail, Zered v.s. Grace Ledge.

Shout out to Fred Gall and Josh Kalis for wearing camo pants when skating Pyramid Ledges. Shout out to to the guy who edited this for using Horace Silver as the backdrop of the last section.

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Quim Cardona: NY Revisited & re-edited

Falling into the same “sitting around on a Final Cut timeline from the dead of winter” category that last month’s most most fashionable clip ever was a part of, this is another reworking of old footage. In this case, it’s really old footage, originating from R.B. Umali’s NY Revisited compilation that was released around 2004-2005, spanning two DVD volumes (which were in somewhat of a limited run) and about three years (1995-1997.) The winter may have provided the time to sit there and throw this on a timeline, but the inspiration came from the Chrome Ball Incident’s interview with Quim, and the realization that despite his clear allegiance to camo pants, Quim never really had a full-on New York skate part in the nineties. A lot of this footage wasn’t exactly “unreleased” prior to when Revisited came out, but was still reserved for more montage-oritented outings. While this is sure as hell no Non-Fiction, it is somewhat of an attempt at getting on that Manolo archival program (Although nobody can really compete with what that dude does…) and filling the void in a coherent way. Plus, this guy’s highly unorthodox approach to just about everything — from doing two frontside 5050s on ledges in the same line, to using garbage bags as makeshift skate obstacles, to doing nollies onto ledges for no reason whatsoever — should be an inspiration to everyone that enjoys riding a skateboard.

And while typical protocol around here is editing things to Travis Porter, Young Jeezy, and all else intended for gentlemen’s cabarets situated below the Mason-Dixon line, we went the more tasteful route of channeling things actually released at a time and in a region synonymous with when the footage was filmed. So, our apologies go to our “core” fanbase. Even further apologies to purists who know that if this was actually released in 1997, it would be edited to some wild Jamaican conga drum voodoo music most commonly listened to by experimental yoga groups.

The real question is: What’s going on with Revisited Volume 3?

YouTube link here.

Related: Here’s another Revisited edit someone put together in 2009 after dropping out of Cooley High.

Zoo York’s Heads Video: Now on YouTube

Spotted Zoo York’s 1999 Heads video cut up into three parts on YouTube earlier today. The quality is above-average, and it’s odd that all three parts have been online for over a month and each have less than 200 views. Anyway, it is probably the rarest of the three nineties Zoo videos as far as internet versions are concerned, and a reason to avoid digging through boxes of old VHS tapes if you happen to have the physical copy tucked away somewhere.

The actual video itself is maybe twelve-minutes long, and more of a homies promo leading up to “a new video” (which eventually wound up being Mixtape 2, two years later) than a full-length company video. Ninety-percent of the footage is from New York, including a ton of Midtown stuff, all predictably at spots that are not around anymore. (Someone still needs to dig the dirt out of that CBS planter and move that thing. But the entire city might collapse on itself if that spot becomes easily skateable again.) The highlight of the entire production is the small Alien Workshop affiliate segment of Josh Kalis, Jason Dill, Anthony Pappalardo, and Brian Wenning (Eatontown skate night!), from the era when a lot of the Photosynthesis footage seems to have been filmed. If web clips / promos were around in 1999, they would look something like this video.

Any video that gives Scott Schwartz the ender is more than worth your attention. Thanks to the guy who got it up there.

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