Zoo York’s Heads Video: Now on YouTube

Spotted Zoo York’s 1999 Heads video cut up into three parts on YouTube earlier today. The quality is above-average, and it’s odd that all three parts have been online for over a month and each have less than 200 views. Anyway, it is probably the rarest of the three nineties Zoo videos as far as internet versions are concerned, and a reason to avoid digging through boxes of old VHS tapes if you happen to have the physical copy tucked away somewhere.

The actual video itself is maybe twelve-minutes long, and more of a homies promo leading up to “a new video” (which eventually wound up being Mixtape 2, two years later) than a full-length company video. Ninety-percent of the footage is from New York, including a ton of Midtown stuff, all predictably at spots that are not around anymore. (Someone still needs to dig the dirt out of that CBS planter and move that thing. But the entire city might collapse on itself if that spot becomes easily skateable again.) The highlight of the entire production is the small Alien Workshop affiliate segment of Josh Kalis, Jason Dill, Anthony Pappalardo, and Brian Wenning (Eatontown skate night!), from the era when a lot of the Photosynthesis footage seems to have been filmed. If web clips / promos were around in 1999, they would look something like this video.

Any video that gives Scott Schwartz the ender is more than worth your attention. A classic moment, and a classic quote. All of the parts are embedded below. Thanks to the guy who got it up there.


  1. I own a vhs copy of heads. It was what i grew up on. Every now and then i would find it and take a moment to watch it. Its not like i’ve stopped skating, but i have curtainly stopped having time to watched old vhs’s. Dope post son.

    real respect.
    mad love


  2. AND… it aint on the youtube version, but on my copy at the end there was a section at the very end were there were a few people skating a ledge but never lading anything.

    was this just my copy? was it special? or was it some momumental cock up?

    ha ha


  3. i got bgp when stevie does the nosemanual in city hall. im wearing a orange shirt on a bike with my dum in a can friend benny . i just saw a big crew on lafayette st and followed them i think it was stevie and spencer battling to see who could nose manual it first. i think i was like 12 haha

  4. i remember i met scotty and was like “Thanks for comin out nigga…its all part of the game.”

  5. remember when someone ripped all the pages out of a porno mag and spread it all over the floor at eatontown one night..

  6. Eatontown skate night is the 2nd greatest TF only to that of the holy painted land on 9th.

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