#QSTOP10 — February 2, 2024

There was a lingering feeling in that rollercoaster of a December S.O.T.Y. season of like, “Damn, why don’t people save some of this stuff for January, when it’s slow?” January ended up being anything but. There’s just an overwhelming amount of incredible skateboarding dropping every month now.

Had to do something ~zany~ this time around. There was so much incredible skateboarding this week in addition to the marquee video that dropped. Never say never — but never planning on doing it this way again. Just felt right for this time though ;)

Don’t forget that entries for the Blue Park obstacle design contest are due by the end today.

Original Clips:


Part 1
Intro via Alexis Lacroix on IG [link]
10) Matt Andersen via Front Row [link]
9) Jake Baldini via Front Row [link]
8) Willow Voges Fernandes via Carhartt WIP’s Precious video [link]
7) Carl Aikens via Paris De Noche [link]
6) Daniel Ledermann via Irregular Skate Mag’s [link]
5) Mitch Barrette via IG [link]
4) Cyrus Bennet via Ville Wester’s Nike SB part [link]
3) Ibu Sanyang via Carhartt WIP’s Precious video [link]
2) Ville Wester via Nike SB part [link]
1) Eddie Cernicky via via Carhartt WIP’s Precious video [link]

Part 2
10) Elissa Steamer
9) Andrew Reynolds
8) Antwuan Dixon
7) Sully Cormier
6) Max Wasungu
5) Casper Brooker
4) Stu Kirst
3) Jon Dickson
2) Brian O’Dwyer
1) Jamie Foy
All from Baker Has A Deathwish II [link]


Previously: January 26, 2024


  1. I think having two countdowns on weeks when the top 10 is dedicated to an entire skate video is appropriate.

  2. Yeah I appreciated that the Baker/Deathwish video didn’t outshine everything else that got released.

    Love the person on the bench zoned out on the phone as Stu is lipsliding his life away.

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