The Rust Belt Trap Sequel — Jake Baldini & Matthew Andersen’s ‘FRONT ROW’ Video

Filmers really do it all…

…though the maxim about them being skateboarding’s most under-heralded heroes feels like a gross understatement once the credits of Front Row begin to roll. The video has opening and closing full parts from the two guys who made it, and invariably clocked in the majority of hours spent filming each other + the other 15 minutes of clips sandwiched between those two parts, AND not to mention a third shift finding and fixing so many of the haggard-ass spots that fly past your screen faster than you can even process them.

Front Row is the follow-up to 2020’s Rust Belt Trap, a video that famously took the hardest possible route to produce every frame inside it (see #7.) These dudes have pretty much found every single cellar door in the northeastern United States to make this video (along with their last), but the dedication goes beyond the tetanus risk. They hit spots right in doormen’s faces that people don’t ever even bother with (that back 3 on that 95th & Columbus bank?!), they do multiple heists into the Columbia volcano, while John Shanahan clears a landing in a sea of rocks to roll away from a back noseblunt on an out-ledge.

Fantastic work from all involved.

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