Ville Wester & The Limo-verse For Nike SB

Ville just dropped a new part for Nike SB with cameos from everyone [who skates Nikes] in the Limo-verse and the greater Johnny Wilson-sphere (+ Oski.) Helmed by Tor Ström and filmed throughout his home in Copenhagen, L.A. and New York — it really feels like the New York clips were the crowd pleasers in this one …at least if looking at your Insta timeline in chronological order is any indicator. (You get up to make a sandwich for lunch, sit back down, and all of a sudden, you’re the last person on the internet to see the new Ville part!)

It didn’t take long for people to figure out a new angle at Police Plaza since the rail got lost in the matrix, but truly was not counting on that angle being those rubbery benches.

And raise your hand if your brain let out a “hmmm…what’s he up to?” when you saw Cyrus cruising down the Williamsburg Bridge.

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