#QSTOP10 — January 26, 2024

One of the most loaded Top 3’s in a minute. Can’t say anyone ever thought someone would kickflip into that thing on Water Street (hesittant to call it a “bank”), but if the Tyshawn subway kickflip proved anything, it’s that if it can be ollied, it can be kickflipped. Waiting for that backside flip.

Otherwise, those Jante videos continue to be one of the best in skateboarding — European or otherwise. Incredible filming, and even wilder skateboarding. Run back the old ones next time you got a rainy day on your hands ;)

Yes, filed before the Ville part obvs.

Original Clips:


Intro via @ugqwamoto [link]
10) Jaako Ojanen via “Jante – 9:19” [link]
9) Lucas Puig via Adidas “MACHI MOCKIL” part [link]
8) Waldo Diaz via Felix Soto’s FEATHER video [link]
7) Hart Pullman via Felix Soto’s FEATHER video [link]
6) Elijah Ackerley via Michael Babbit’s Sucks To Be You video [link]
5) Barney Page via “Jante – 9:19” [link]
4) Vincent Huhta via “Jante – 9:19” [link]
3) Yuri Facchini via Shake Junt part [link]
2) Ishod Wair via “Max Freestyle” part [link]
1) Joseph Campos via Hockey “Shocking Moments Caught on Video” part [link]


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  1. Fritte’s filming is so fluid. Those front angle are art. We need footage of him filming.

  2. Does Ishod ride a twin tail? Cause he never seems to notice or care which way his board is facing

  3. @ PSH NO

    have you ever walked into a skate shop before?
    every ishod board ever is labeled twin,,……

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