Carhartt WIP’s ‘PRECIOUS’ Video Is Now Live

Carhartt WIP’s follow-up to 2022’s Inside Out is now live. While that one was entirely filmed on Euro trips, Precious is a half New York / half L.A. production featuring an ever-expanding team that now includes Eddie Cernicky, Jackie Michel, Ewing Ayala, Noah Mahieu, Tanner Burzinski (who fits right in as the team’s one and only tech lord) and more.

Don’t know what’s more surprising: the fact that the Joseph Campos bank on Water Street is just a “spot” now, or that people are still finding tricks to do on the Mraz bank-to-hubba in The Bronx? Eddie Cernicky steals the show on both.

Everyone’s all up in arms about the Y2K revival, but some brodies are just holding out for that beat generation nostalgia wave ;)

Features Notis Aggelis, Ewing Ayala, Guy Azulay, Tanner Burzinski, Taylor Caruso, Eddie Cernicky, Enzo Kurmaskie, Rob Maatman, Noah Mahieu, Jackie Michel, Jack O’Grady, Josh Pall, Max Palmer, Riley Pavey, Ebou Sanyang, Cambryan Sedlick, Willow Voges Fernandes, Tuoyo Oroye, Andrew Wilson and Brett Weinstein.

Video by Joaquim Bayle.

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