Skaters Only Love You When They’re Skating

Photo by @jirodreamsofskating 🏔️

Noah dropped a new edit featuring its revamped team on Friday, which includes a strong frontrunner for Noseslide of the Year by way of Louie Lopez at Chauncey Ledges.

Catchin’ Dust” is a sick new all-New York montage by Stephan Singh. Always think of that kid’s famous TikTok about Hudson Yards whenever somebody gets a clip there now.

Speaking of TikTok! Jenkem did some market research on whether it is bound to overtake Instagram as the social media home of skateboarding, with insight from skaters who have excelled at building followings on there. (Yes, we have one, but have no fucking idea what to do with it at the moment.)

The Crenshaw Skate Club dropped a Summer Trip to New York edit.

YouTube archivists already compiled an array of highlights from the Vans x Hockey jam that went down at Tompkins on Friday. That rail might be in the upper tier of most dangerous T.F. obstacles in history.

Thoroughly enjoyed Capers by Camel Skateboards, a video by the new generation out of Liverpool in the U.K. — with a guest section from Charlie Birch tucked towards the latter half.

Anybody going out to Vladimir Film Festival in Croatia? 🎞️ Our correspondent Farran Golding will be holding a screening of a select few “Favorite Spot” segments there, followed by a Q & A. You can find all the info on the Vladimir website.

Village Psychic caught up with Chandler Burton to discuss his “Castle Freak” part.

It’s like going back to school in 1998 — today! éS re-released the first Chad Muska pro model last week, which you may recall as being the first-ever $100 skate shoe. Except, it’s $149 now.

Fergus Purcell, a Slam City Skates O.G. and designer of the Palace triangle logo (+ so much more), has a new interview over on …the Slam City Skates blog ❤️

Fuck how often you think of the Roman Empire… how often do you think about one of the most widely forgotten and expensive skate videos ever: Nike SB’s Nothing But the Truth? Never? Well, this unseen bit of footage from it might jog your memory. (“The Oral History of Nothing But the Truth” is a dream QS content piece, like a skate version of that book about De Palma trying to make Bonfire of the Vanities and the subsequent flop it became.)

Quote of the Week 🗣
Woman Going On Hinge Date: “Yeah, he told me he used to DJ at WKCR up at Columbia.”
Sweet Waste: “…I used to DJ at Enid’s.”

2020-era QS Lucas remix to send the summer off on 🌊


  1. Lots of good skating in nothing but the truth. Supa did a sw bs inward big heel. Wieger did a bs heel nosegrind 180 pop out early.

    Special features had some great territory edits, Minnesota with Atmosphere music. William Phan did some swagged out flatland/ledge tricks.

    Skits were wack doe

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