Safest Place in the World

We made this tee in the nascent days of QS merch, commemorating the 2003 blackout, which happened exactly 20 years ago, today. That August 14th, everyone was packed inside Tompkins for one of those classic T.F. sessions where it felt like everyone who mattered was within that fence. It took us about an hour or so to realize the power had gone out. Only two years removed from 9/11, everybody’s mind raced to the worst hypothetical conclusions imaginable. To ease everyone’s anxiety, Billy Rohan reminded us that “Tompkins is actually the safest place in the world right now.” He was right.

Devin Sweat has a name tailor-made for R&B stardom. But instead of singing loverman ballads and waiting for a Drake feature, he has a really sick new part for Labor filmed entirely in New York. Love the elusive City College benches clip.

The brains at Always Do What You Should Do collaborated with Noah on some gear, and released a New York trip edit / Three Up Three Down pilgrimage to celebrate the capsule.

Some of our international friends have been on a tear the past week 🌎 Our friend Emilio Dufour from Uruguay dropped an absolutely fucking insane part on Thrasher on Friday (if you have a good memory, Emilio had a #1 on Top 10 a year back doing a nollie heel wallride down a flight of stairs + some clips in our Buenos Aires edit) + Milano Centrale lord Ruben Spelta killed it in Magenta’s Just Cruise 2 video, without a single hometown plaza clip.

Theories interviewed Eric Swisher, the mastermind behind Chromeball.

Joel Meinholz interviewed Brad Cromer for Skate Jawn.

Our friends at Place hit the Vans park for the Beatrice release and came back with a reel of wild Morgan Smith footage (+ more.)

Artless Industria curated a 1996-themed edition of its eBay watch.

“It was published in 1969. The book is about progressive playground design. A good number of the problems Dattner cites with the common playground design of that time are similar to problems I bring up with modern skateparks.” Dave Caddo continues to sound the horn on rethinking skatepark design over on Skait Brane.

Spot Updates 📍 — A lil’ late in reporting this, but the entirety of Brick 9 — probably one of the most tourist-ed spots in the city — is blocked off by scaffolding.

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — 10 minutes of of Arin footage in celebration of her going pro for Sci-Fi Fantasy.

Quote of the Week 🗣
[commercial comes on the radio about a holistic erectile dysfunction treatment that involves sound waves of some sort]
Jefé: “Damn, so they just bass boost your shmeat?”


  1. If it exists, it vibrates. Expose your shmeat to the right frequency and you’re good to go

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