Switch Tre Noseblunt

Nearly 20 years to the day that Koston 360 flip noseblunted the rail that would cap off Girl’s Yeah Right! video (yes, Yeah Right! turns 20 this month), Antonio did it switch on the famous Houston, TX rail. Swipe to the second slide.

We’re on sale baby! 🛍 All leftover QS goods are on sale in the webstore. Thanks for your support, as always.

Brandon Johnson A.K.A. @nolimitbrod on IG has a new part out full of tech surprises, entirely filmed in New York.

“I’m scared of stray hairs and rats.” New York Mag‘s Cut publication did a quick Q & A with Alexis Sablone on the occasion of the Candy Courts Park obstacles opening up in Montclair, NJ. (QS #spotcheck here, ICYMI.)

Do you think Elissa Steamer is the first person to ever pop by the Complex sneakers podcast wearing skated-in shoes? True fashion icon.

To celebrate the 20-year anniversary of NJ Skateshop, Thasher ran a lost shared part between Ishod Wair and James Pitonyak last week.

Village Psychic went bowling with Jahmir Brown and a very special pair of DCs.

The Canal boys dropped a quick crew edit from the L.I.C. D.I.Y. spot.

The 5301 x Black Sheep video, AVENUE, is now online in full. Mostly Charlotte footy with a solid dose of New York clips dispersed throughout.

“The growing acceptance of this level of confidence and bravado would seem to be a sign of a generational shift.” Simple Magic explores the evolution of broadcasting confidence in the professional skate world.

The Smuts Video is a 20-minute Sweden scene video by Oscar Säfström with a ton of Heitor da Silva footage. He starts skating to Rickk’s Virtual Reality song, you get hyped, then it stops, you get pissed, and then he skates to a song off one of the first-ever Future mixtapes (we’re talking “Racks”-era Future here), and you get hyped again.

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — A deluxe edition of Troy Gipson loosies on account of the pro nod + two minutes from Rat Ratz honchos Nils Matijas and Vince Palmer.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — Anthony Edwards saving the day on an unnecessarily dramatic final regular season game for the Wolves.

Quote of the Week 🗣
K.T: “You ghosted me the other day. Where were you at?”
E.J: “I was at the opera. My bad.”
Keith: “And where were you at, K.T? Nublu?”

If it’s been a while since you ran this one back, please do yourself a favor…


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