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Rest in Peace Robbie McKinley ❤️ Scan via Chromeball

Pretty much all of our collective experiences of Copenhagen are within the bipolar high that is the Scandinavian Summer. For a bit of a reality check of what it’s like on the opposite side of that seasonal coin, our friends at Dancer dropped an “Endless Winter” montage featuring Hjalte, David Stenström + others. Still seems pretty fun, tbh.

Some nice bits of New York footage in the Charlotte-based AVENUE video parts that have been dropping across a few outlets: Vague has Jermaine Whittaker’s part, which includes a 10/10 Three Up Three Down performance, and Skate Jawn has Ethan Kaplan’s part, which includes a NBD (?) ollie at the white building plaza across from Pyramid Ledges.

Orchard Skateshop Capo, Armin Bachman, has a new mini part out for Pepper Griptape. That bank to curb ender in Barcelona really came out of nowhere 💥

The Duplex crew has a new montage video series on Thrasher, entitled “Low Rent.”

“Some days or weeks, I just don’t want to work on it. But that would cause problems because it’s a business.” Omg literally #mood. Jerry Hsu spoke to Monster Children about starting something for fun and then having it consume all your free time, scouting the Sci-Fi skate team, and Enjoi.

A quick new montage from Augustin Giovannoni and the Paris boys that’s bound to inspire a summer flight to Paris search or two 🇫🇷

Wes Kremer provided commentary for his Not Another Transworld Video part. He shouts out spots like a closing skit of an old rap album where they just shout out their homies.

The Mostly Skateboarding Podcast had a follow-up convo with Mike about the skate shop tees article we ran on QS a few weeks back, and how in an age when someone wearing skate shoes has zero predictability re: them actually skating, a skate shop tee still stands as an emblem of a #tru #sk8ta.

DGK has a video series brewing about Josh Kalis building his all-granite indoor skate plaza in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — Two and a half minutes of Andrew Wilson + a few minutes of Hugo Boserup.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — One of those “it could only be one thing” weeks, though it’s not from the NBA. Victor Wembanyama doing a putback dunk on his own missed stepback three-pointer 😱

Quote of the Week 🗣 “What’s that thing Batman says, ‘You live long enough to see yourself become an asshole?'” — Josh Velez

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