Skateboard Oscars Season

And so, with the December 2022 Thrasher cover, the hyper-speed of Skateboarding’s Oscars Season is officially underway…

“For me, skateboarding in Buffalo, New York really starts in March. We have a long winter, a crapshoot of a spring, a short summer, and a shit fall. Once the snow starts to melt I start driving around checking things out again.” Skate Jawn has the premiere of “Call Your Mother,” the new video by Moms Skateshop out of Buffalo.

Mixtape legend Anthony Correa is the latest guest on The Bunt. (The Bobshirt from 2016 is also a good rewatch.)

Justin Adams dropped a New York iPhone montage with a lot of familiar faces + some deep-in-the-city spots. Holy fuckin’ hardflip, also.

“For the last few years I’ve been filming a video every day, like 10-hour days, you know what I mean? It’s nonstop.” Ian Browning’s “Rules of Skateboarding” series for Village Psychic spoke to Bill Strobeck about the dynamics of the skater-filmer relationship, and where it overlaps with being a T.M.

Steve Spence nose manuals the narrow curved ledge on 58th and the Westside Highway in his “Greatest Hits” part for Busted Mic Creations. If you’ve seen the spot, you know how insane that is.

Somebody on YouTube compiled eight minutes of Insta loosies of the Alltimers team in anticipation of their new video, due out after the premiere tour is over.

…aannddddd here’s a few minutes of Jordan Trahan loosies.

Carhartt WIP recapped our in-store event last Wednesday on their journal + Jenkem hung out with everyone attending the grand opening of Alexis Sablone and Trevor Thompson’s new shop, Plush in New Haven, Connecticut.

“But the responses all ended the same way: The emergency vehicles turned and left, their sirens off. The police, over time, stopped responding to the calls at all. Because there is no 312 Riverside Drive.”

Quote of the Week 🗣
[two guys who have been screaming about politics at Fanelli’s for 20 minutes]
One Of The Guys Screaming About Politics: “It’s because the world is run by fucking morons, and they’re driving us toward a nuclear annihilation!!!”
Bartender, Casually Passing By To Pick Up Empties: “…well, that sounds pretty cynical.”

Late pass on finding out 2022’s Kate-Bush-a-palooza reached Veeze.


  1. Would’ve been a bit boring if Louie just coasted to the inevitable, but that being said they should really just give it to a person 1x but we’ll see.

  2. imagine crying about tyshawn potentially winning an award twice that chris cole won twice. love louie but cool with either of them getting it.

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