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Photo by Greg Navarro 📷

Thanks to everyone who grabbed something off the webstore sale last week. Should be caught up on shipping by end of today 📦💨

The NPR Story on the A.V.E. bench spills a bit of the secret on how the bench got to Richmond, Virginia at the end, straight from…the Temple University police. Bravo to skateboarders, for always figuring it out. If you aren’t already aware, @ave_bench on Instagram has been tracking the world tour at every turn.

“Lust for the green bench and the untold power it conveys has now been loosed in the hearts of the ambitious and ruthless; unmoored from Tompkins, the bench now has proven free for the taking, portending a volatile season ahead in which alliances are raised and betrayals plotted, armies form and clash, and as the sky darkens, nocturnal brawls between territorial gangs, sort of like ‘The Warriors’ if a couple of the dudes were always lugging around a big piece of furniture.” Talking about The Bench™ is the new talking about pants.

The Glue squad posted up a four-minute edit from their Boston trip. Cameos by Dutchy and Brian Reid.

Naquan mentioned at the end of a 2019 QS interview that he had a goal of getting a vid on Thrasher — and in 2022, he’s got a whole series on there. Volume one of “Roadkill” up now, in case you missed it.

Skateboard Cafe has a new video out + QS-fave Korahn Gayle is the latest subject of Pocket‘s “Followed” series.

Village Psychic explores a chance encounter in history when a would-be concrete skatepark was almost built in Central Park …in 1941. (Would’ve been a game-changer for a place famous in skateboarding for the mere fact that it has nothing to skate.)

“A good front nose is a moment in time. Picture your favorite reference of the trick. If you’re of a certain age, a split second of the mid-to-late 90s lives on forever.” The Nosesliders Substack recounts some great moments in front nose history.

“In particular, what’s the data on pro-model trucks? Is anyone buying those things?”

Quote of the Week 🗣 “3000 Euros is 3000 Euros, but Sade is forever.” — Francesco Pini on turning down 3000 Euros from someone for his Sade tee

Well, we’ve lived long enough for the Drake and Khaled summer staples of yesteryear to begin carrying the weight of nostalgia like they were old R&B or some shit when they’re flipped by new artists.

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  1. Noguchi did get one of his playscape designs built after he died. Lots more grass but skate spots galore at Play Mountain, which can be seen at the end of the OJs video “Ancient Crust and Hidden Terrain” in Hokkaido. He also designed Detroit’s skate-friendly Hart Plaza.

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