Munchie Mart

Congrats to Beatrice on the pro board. Stephen Ostrowski has a cool story about the guest trick that she had in his Glue part on IG.

Austin Bristow dropped a seven-minute edit of the Palace boys, entitled “Laust in Translation.” Includes what is effectively a full-ish Rory Milanes part, and an ender part from Lucien Clarke, which wraps up with him hitting some of the same locations from the very first Palace trip to New York edit from 2011.

The Jenkem dudes snuck into what can without hyperbole be called the biggest bust in New York City (the Roosevelt Island Monument), so Julian Lewis could pull off two N.B.Ds. Fakie flip was worth a summons though :)

Queue up the “Silver Stallion” 🐎 Bronze 56k Radio dropped a new mix to close the summer out.

“Chances are that if you skate in New York you have come across something our friend Pat Smith has designed, built and installed.” Elias Parise made a six-minute mini doc about Pat Smith entitled “The Curb Project.”

Love bowls? They finished construction on the Montauk Park.

Abada interviewed Reina Choto A.K.A. Rey about Ruining Skateboarding for Village Psychic.

24 minutes of Efron Danzig loosies + 15 minutes of Brian O’Dwyer loosies.

It was a massive week on the nostalgia circuit:

First, Palace resurrected Aesthetics for a collab.

Then, Dave Caddo dropped a part on Free, which was proceeded by Ross Norman (!) — of skating-to-“Silver Stallion”-in-Last of the Mohicans-fame — dropping a Politic section with Danny Renaud on Free. (The only thing that could make this a bigger year for Mosaic alumni is a suprirse Pappalardo part.)

To wrap that week up, Joey Pepper, Nikhil Thayer and Silas Baxter-Neal shared a part in Tucker Glasow and Tristan Brillanceau-Lewis’ Portland Public Skating 3.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “You just have to front like you got it.” — Kyota Umeki switch tre trick tip

Bronze Radio needs to tap in the dude who does the Northeast Kia commercials on Hot 97 for a cameo.