Best Bloody in Huntington

Figured it was due time, and that the city’s three dozen skateparks have evolved past a point of us needing to point some eager tourists towards the direction of the B.Q.E. lot. Updated the QS spot book for the first time in ~two years, mainly to acknowledge the fact that, yes, curbs are formal *spots* now. Removed a handful of outdated ones (yes, the B.Q.E. lot #lol), too. If you live here or visit often, nothing to see here.

The Bronze dudes return to the Polish Park ledges that they made famous in earlier videos with some new faces + Shaun Paul goes off + Will Marshall hops over and back on the furthest possible New York spot + Josh Wilson seals it with with a 10/10 performance in Bronze x DC Shoes’ “WHAT IF GOD SAID” video.

Low-def format survivalist Kurt Havens dropped Clambake last week, a 26-minute video featuring much of the Bronze dudes, with Hi-8 outtakes and B-roll from It’s Time through The Reuben + a lot of other friends.

The 2022 Powell team (was it common knowledge that it’s called Powell-Peralta again?) recreates the 1986 Powell team’s iconic Future Primitive New York montage for their “Summer Trip to New York” montage, though they don’t make it north of Canal Street.

Nick Jensen spoke with the Slam City Skates blog about the future of Isle Skateboards and other things.

Scumco & Sons combined a chunk of their smaller edits to create “SCUMCO MASTERTAPE,” which feels a bit like a bonus feature you’d find on an old skate DVD :)

Joe Cups dug through a few more tapes and uncovered one of Spanky, Jerry Hsu and Caswell Berry coming to New York in 2004, and sneaking in to skate the volcano at Columbia + more. Can’t believe people have been hucking down D7 for two decades already 🥲

After a ten-year hiatus, they’re bringing Manny Mania back to New York. Kinda remember people being like “it’s the only fun contest to watch” back when they were running it, but different era, yaknow. Under the K Bridge Park, September 17th, though ;) Feel like that’s not the best timing on account of it also being Glory Challenge weekend ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Quote of the Week 🗣 “That weed tastes like a lobster roll.” — K.T.


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