Skaters Set Eyes on Hell-like Planet That Rains Lava at Night

Photo via @whatisnewyork

Rest in Peace, New York City payphones ❤️

Why go to Greece like all the other skate crews, when you can go to a hell-like planet that rains lava in the night footy? (Nah, jk – Greece is pretty dope.)

We’re up to 80 spots! Just added Dustin Eggeling’s “Reggaeton” part for Village Psychic (as in…the ledges, not the music genre) to the QS One-Spot Part Map. Includes guest tricks from Kyler Garrison, Brian Scherer + Keith Denley.

Frankie Decker talks Vegas, late shuvs, and the “Evan Frankie” ender in his new interview for Heckride. (Does anyone remember what edit the backside flip down the Canal and Division set at the Manhattan Bridge is?)

Our friends at Ninetimes up in Saskatoon/Calgary have a new video out.

Six minutes of Justin Henry loosies (that nollie crook down the kinked rail at the Fat Kid Skatepark is still so crazy) + 14 minutes of Kevin Bilyeu loosies + 14 minutes of John Shanahan loosies.

“I can’t watch 25 minutes of B-sides purposely filmed on a shitty camera.” Well buddy, part 2 of Bust Crew’s “Road Heads” video is now live! You should read this interview if you didn’t back in March, too.

If you haven’t caught “Flich” yet, it features many of the C. 2022 Philadelphia / Muni heads + an awesome ender part from Tyler Dietterich and Kevin Liedtke.

Quick edit from Classic Grip in celebration of their new Sneeze Mag collab.

Jenkem has a new 16mm cruiser part from Aaron Herrington.

“Last trick you made you were stoked on?” “Switch 360 flip.” “Last trick you battled for?” “Switch 360 flip.” The Slam City Skates blog did one of its first / last interviews with Mike York.

On May 26th, Austyn Gillette, Makenna Rieder (Dylan’s sister) and the Dylan Reider Foundation hosted a skate / run down the full length of Manhattan to fundraise and build awareness in the first against cancer. Monster Children has photos and coverage from the event.

Let It Kill You is a book about skateboarding and tattoos. Monster Children (again!) has an interview with its creator, Ben McQueen.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — Having to choose between the Warriors and Celtics for highlights means that the Sports Desk will be tapping out until next season. Thanks for reading.

Quote of the Week 🗣
E.J: “The Primitive video was beast.”
Inquisitive Gentleman: “You watched the full hour?”
E.J: “Nah. I got to Brian Peacock’s part and texted you.”


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