Meet At The Ledge-to-Puddle

One of the lesser seen Harlem Banks shots — the infamous uptown spot discussed in the Full Bleed ten-year anniversary interview earlier this month. Mike “Tex” Kelly, shot by Spike Jonze in 1988. Spotted via Science Versus Life.

Definitely one of the last tricks to be captured at the Carroll Street manny pad — one of Gabe Tennen’s favorite skate spots — via Max Rowlette’s “Shadow” part, spotted via Skate Jawn.

Chauncey Ledges is an entirely different spot once the ground gets cold. Headgear’s “I’m Just Livin’ It” edit is pretty much an all-Chauncey video features James Sayres and friends.

Feels like this one should have some more eyes on it: “kindasorta” by Nate Hanson. The needle-thread ollie to completely perpendicular boardslide in Murray Hill (?) is wild.

Damn, this might be the first footage of Columbus Circle with the barricades down in like ~two years. Midtown x Financial District in the cold: “Visit From the Homeland” via Wilmer Filmer.

Boil the Ocean tackles the current #rebrand of the switch frontside 180, most widely lobbied by Kyle Wilson and Rowan Zorilla. “It is a trick that often must be grabbed by the face and ripped to pieces in a primal, commanding display.”

If you’ve skated in Paris before, you have likely crossed paths with Luidgi. “Moments” is a ten-minute mini doc that tells his story of skateboarding in one of skateboarding’s global epicenters.

Nine minutes of Tiago Lemos loosies from 2021 + 33 minutes of Kevin Bradley loosies from throughout the years.

Jokamundo chats with Village Psychic about the intersections of rap and skateboarding.

We mostly think about Dubai within the context of rap lyric exploits, but Vice has a deep-dive article into the Dubai skate community. (Still a trip to read the phrase, “the now-defunct skate magazine Transworld Skateboarding.”)

Vinny Ponte runs through the stories behind his magazine covers for the Lookback Library.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — AHHHHHHH!!! The fan reaction on DeRozen’s clincher.

Quote of the Week 🗣
Young Man Frustrated With Airport Security: “I can’t believe those guys were still like ‘do a kickflip’ after being such dicks.”
Another Young Man Frustrated With Airport Security: “Yeah, fuck that.”
Diego Todd: “I probably still would’ve done it.”

The Hardbody Video turned 1 this past weekend. When it premiered, all indoor venues were closed, so it wound up being at outdoor Tompkins premiere — at the end of February. The weather was so cold that the fully-charged laptop connected to the projector was coming up at 0%. So everyone had to wait around — outside, at the end of February — while the computer warmed up in the bodega across the street to stay on long enough to play the video ❤️ Enjoy it again, from the warmth and comfort of your home.


  1. Can’t believe there is 30+ minutes of KB footy to begin with. Bless whoever did that.

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