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Andre Claus by Tom Gorelik

Limosine [sic], the much speculated-on company born out of the exodus from 917 via much of the same roster (Logan, Cyrus, Max et al. + some new teamriders), released a five-minute teaser for their upcoming video ❤️

This one deserves way more burn on the skateboard media circuit: “blast!” by Vancouver-based videographer, Chance Swainson. Starts off with Dustin Henry and his brother, continues with a whole slate of new-gen Vancouver dudes, and has an awesome ender part from Tremaine Glasgow — with incredible #musicsupervision the whole way through. Can’t remember the last time I wanted someone to land a trick as bad as Tre’s boardslide on the wood fence.

Theories has a new 11-minute edit up with Thrasher, which treks across crust in Indiana, Detroit and New England.

“At one point this web logging website had suggested his prodigious ability would show in sharper relief via fewer, more distilled vids centered mainly around the tricks that only he could do or think of, but as this bold year of the ox nears its close, it’s clear he is going the other way, a precision operator instead choosing max volume.” Though it was written before the S.O.T.Y. announcement was faxed to Gary Rogers’ desk, Boil the Ocean pontificates on Mark Suciu’s 2021 campaign.

The latest episode of Milan’s Skate Muzik podcast runs through the Biggie songs that have made their way into skate videos, and the inclusion of “Let’s Get It On” served as a reminder that Zach Moore’s The Ultimate Skate Songs commercial was the absolute best piece of skate content released this year.

Farran interviewed Thrasher editor, Michael Burnett, over on the Slam City Skates blog.

Monster Children has a quick interview with Sean Pablo.

Zubr made a Brian O’Dwyer loosies compilation.

Not exactly a “one-spot part,” so it can’t make the official map, but the Italian Vans team released a video that takes you on a journey through the main plaza spot in four Italian cities: Bologna, Milan, Reggio Emilia and Turin. We love Italy, so it’s good research 🤓

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Evan Mobley was just like, “No.”

Quote of the Week: “I’m storming Thrasher on January 6th if they snub Chachi again.” — Keith Denley