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Rest in Peace Virgil ❤️

Skate Jawn has a feature on Jody’s Spot, the D.I.Y. spot built by Fred Gall in his New Jersey hometown, which the world first saw in his “Out There.” Please sign the petition to keep the spot from being destroyed by the city for no good reason.

Put Will Marshall’s line at the Museum — as seen in his new Dime part — in the Museum Line Hall of Fame. Kickflip front crook is insane too.

Best city for skate edits in 2021? Marseilles, no doubt. Here’s #anotherone from the Raskal dudes: “Hellos Dias.”

“Pre-internet, I kept a tally on newsstands in the same way I kept a tally on skatespots. They were pivotal hubs and cultural oases—worldwide, in any city, airport or the most desolate of European villages—the place you got all your skate news, music news, and even world news.” Mackenzie Eisenhower offers a heartfelt ode to newsstands on the TWS site. Hands up if you remember your first-ever skate magazine and where you bought it 🤚

File under: stuff there’s no chance you haven’t caught already. F.A. brought their whole team out to New York on the occasion of their new shop opening on the old Autumn block, and came back with this 14-minute trip edit. Na-Kel kickflipping into a grind on the Tekashi rail is absolutely insane.

E.J’s friend Clive Dixon skates handrails in the Financial District wearing a Hardbody shirt, while showing optimal etiquette in dealing with security.

Ride-on grind to fakie in Jazz Leeb’s Turmoil III: Return to Bozlem part on the Vague site. Solid lil’ batch of New York crust in there.

We’re doing a trick shot contest with our friends at Hopps and Theories. Entries due by tomorrow though!

No longer on a tear of dropping 500 Insta comps a week like they were last year, Zubr instead opted to throw a half-hour worth of loosies from the Supreme dudes on a single timeline.

Low Impact wrote about the recent onslaught of Mark Suciu parts, and the evolving world of Suciu fandom, which misses perhaps too-obvious of a comparison to another institution of Bay Area athletics: the Golden State Warriors.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Eeeeeeeek. (Got called a charge, but ….eek.)

Quote of the Week: “Volvo? I’m not getting in that.” — Jason Byoun on E.J. getting rid of the Tesla

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  1. That trick could dubbed with any gunshot sample in a DJ’s library

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