Clogging the Feed

Big news: the Dunk is out. We can stop clogging your social feeds now.

Have you heard the other big news? Everybody’s favorite skateboarder — yes, Keith Denley — is pro! At risk of not coming off absolutely insane promoting two collabs in the same week (we never planned for things to pan out that way, but c’est la vie), we took pause on pushing the new Hopps x Quartersnacks stuff, but it’s arriving at all Hopps accounts now. We’ll have it on our webstore soon. Whether Keith ends up filming *that part* remains to be seen, but in the eternal words of Mr. Hjalte Halberg: “You Americans are too serious about the pro board shit, in Europe you just turn the homie pro. Fuck it! It’s not about being ‘pro’ at skating. If you are a sick character, you should be pro!”

WEALTH is a new 17-minute video by Steve Lancello filmed all throughout the northeast, with a fire Neil Herrick part at the end. Is that the first footy of someone connecting a trick over the concrete divider on that that side street off Flatbush? Feels like an Aaron Herrington spot too, but maybe misremembering.

“Once when we were living together he got up in the middle of the night and started sleep walking, he went and opened his laptop up thinking it was a toilet seat and pissed all over it. Completely destroyed the thing and went back to bed.” Heckride interviewed the Atlantic Drift auteur, Jacob Harris.

Skate clips come with crypto price charts now ;) The latest installment from Parking Lot Music is now live, with most clips filmed in the city.

ICYMI: Frog dropped what is effectively a Jesse Alba and Chris Milic shared part last week.

Crazy Ass Paterson Skaters posted up the full recap video to their first annual Land or Slam event at the Paterson Skatepark.

Struck” is the new edit from the Cuzi crew. The kids love Virtual Reality Bump as much as we did.

Marseilles videos have been QS faves for a number of years now, and the latest VX edit from the Raskal crew is a great time.

Spencer Hamilton is the latest guest on The Bunt.

Quote of the Week
K.T: “You should get a nipple piercing.”
Resistant Gentleman: “That’d be disgusting.”
K.T: “Might be hot.”


  1. I worked at a popular skateshop in the northeast for a number of years, Keith visited one afternoon when he worked for Nike (maybe still does?) he hungout all afternoon and just shot the shit with me. Dude is a real one. Super humble and easy to talk to, made everyone in the shop feel cool just being around him. So psyched to see this.

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