Bigger Than Life Or Shred

Andre Beverley has a full new part out — in case you only caught the Columbus Park kickflip nosegrind from last week’s Top 10. Very sick to see him still crushing. Check his footy in Harry Corrigan’s OTBX2 video from last year, too.

All the Streets Are Silent is playing at Village East (12th and 2nd Avenue) through this Thursday. Get advance tickets here.

“They’re angry that anybody could make the graphics, but why are they angry about that?” Monster Children has an interview with Frog C.E.O, Chris Milic.

Stoked to hear that Ben Kadow is a NBA and TCM head :) Instead of a formal interview, he did more of a #longform “Things You’re Stoked On” piece (a la the Mostly Podcast’s closing segment) for Thrasher on the occasion of his new part. Ben Colen’s photo of that Central Park 5050 gap really does that feat extra justice.

Started to miss Greece — and travel in general — like crazy after Colin reposted this iconic image from the 2019 Alltimers trip. Our friends at S.O.S. Skateboards in Athens just dropped a full-length video called S.W.A.K. The skating, the spots, everything… if we’re talking top ten skate cities, Athens is on there.

Untitled” is the latest quick one from the Bluecouch dudes. #skatevideohouse lives on, and Mecca footage is always fire.

Over Easy” is a sick lil’ edit by Declan Mulligan of some Long Island dudes. “You already know, skate or die baby!”

Zach Allen and Ellington skate around New York in the introductory edit for Ellington’s new footwear venture.

After a ton of the comps that powered much of the deepest, coldest depths of this past winter went offline (got deleted?), Zubr is back in the game, this one with 17 minutes of Heitor Da Silva b-sides and IG footy.

Greg Hunt and Joe Brook have a conversation about how a 1995 skate trip across America would come to shape much of their respective aesthetics.

Jenkem has the cautionary tale of a young man consumed by day trading just so he could buy a VX1000.

Quote of the Week
Keith: “Where are you going in my Birks?”
Pad: “To get my Crocs.”

He seems like from a wholly distant time now, but it’s tough to overstate the real estate that Rich Homie Quan’s music holds in my heart ♥


  1. Not even a nod to a local favorite who got fourth in the olympics this past weekend?

  2. @snack – homie Quan holds a place in your heart? No real shocker there. I feel like he’s slightly less rich than he was in like 2014 but I digress

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