The Price of Fireworks is Skyrocketing

Summer QS goods available in shops worldwide now. (Should be arriving in Europe / the U.K. throughout the week.) The QS webstore relaunches with summer items this Wednesday, June 23rd, at 11 A.M. E.S.T. Photo above via Labor Skateshop.

It’s incredible that when some people rally for the preservation of a place that inadvertently became an iconic skate spot, it could just get kept the same and furnished with flawless new ground — rather than the alternative, which is of course, them being told to go fuck themselves. ANYWHO, the Hélas caps company offers a who’s who of European ledgesmanship in its latest video filmed entirely at Lyon’s Hotel de Ville plaza.

There’s a solid batch of New York clips in Kevin White’s new “GLOBETROTTER” part. (Everyone get your time in on that Tribeca manny pad while that corner is still up for lease…) He’s also the latest subject of Pocket‘s always-enjoyable “Followed” series.

Imagine telling someone ten years ago that Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel would be going to the Museum of Natural History benches with Alexis Sablone to cover skateboarding ♥

The raw files for Justin Henry’s ode to midwestern crust by way of his Grand Prairie part went live on the Thrasher site.

Our friends at Place mag have a sick new video showcasing a lot of newer faces (at least to us on this side of the Atlantic) of the exponentially growing Parisian skate scene via this “Mosking Tape” edit. Didn’t expect to hear Suga Free over French skate clips today, but here we are :)

Jenkem interviewed Nika Washington.

Boil the Ocean kicked off its annual summertime mixtape series of nods to great video parts by pointing us in the direction of K.B’s tenure with Cliché — and wow does that part rule, nearly ten years later.

Theories launched a new “Raw Files” series with Traffic Skateboards filmer, Jake Todd.

“Considering you’ve had two very long and detailed interviews with The Nine Club and The Mission Statement about your life story, let’s start this interview off with something random and out of left field; Why is Freddy Krueger so sick?” Heckride interviewed Bill Strobeck.

“After the meeting, one skateboarder who had made it inside stood on Bleecker Street and shouted into a microphone, ‘We need to take all of it back, all of it!’ and nearby, some cheered.” The neighborhood board voted in favor of the W.S.P. 10 P.M. curfew.

Quote of the Week: “This looks like a job for A.V.E’s boy from Santa Ana.” — Keith Denley regarding the city knobbing the Columbus Park rail