The Wolf of Prince Street

Cyrus really elevated the bar on tricks that utilize the re-built fountain ground at Flushing in his new HUF commercial. Wow.

Enjoyed this quick Jasper Stieve part from Venture and NJ Skateshop. (You should rewatch his Sportsmanshit section, btw.)

Lots of interviews this week…

“[The spot has] got to have some element that makes it weathered, so not everybody wants to skate it. But the people who do want to skate it really want to skate it.” John Gardner’s discusses presidential aspirations with Fred Gall as his V.P. in his interview from the June issue of Thrasher, which is now online.

“I think using unexpected music means it’s gonna stick around.” Patrick Kigongo interviewed Carl Aikens for the CCS blog. Looks like the microboom of skateshop blog content has carried over to the mailorder world. Not mad at it though.

Breana Geering has an interview up on Paradeworld.

Dane Baker is the latest interview at Heckride.

The Bunt sat down with one of the true G.O.A.Ts of ledge skating, Jesus Fernandez.

Danny Falla and Jimmy McDonald shared a fun part for Village Psychic. This section has the rare distinction of being entirely filmed on spots that us normal-bodied types could aspire to skate, e.g. not things that only the quick-footed, and most crust-tolerant could approach. In a way, for 2021, that’s …refreshing?

Stingwater stops over in Lower Manhattan before flying out to S.F. in the edit that coincides with the release of brand’s Nike SB collab.

Lots of “wtf” moments in this edit from …Arizona iced tea ;) The switch frontside flip on Wall Street, the kickflip crook down a recently liberated midtown hubba…

In addition to the premiere of Jeremy Elkin’s All the Streets Are Silent film, this year’s Tribeca Film Festival line-up includes the debut of the documentary about the making of Kids, for which you can already buy tickets, starting today.

4Ply Mag adopted the Rotten Tomatoes format to “review” all of the skits from the WKND videos.

What do you know about the skate scene in Vermont? Skate Jawn has Ivan Glenney’s part in I-89, a new video from the green mountain state, up on the site.

Spot Updates: R.I.P. 20th & C.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week is back! But it’s at Blue Park, not MSG ;)

Quote of the Week: “We have seen the rise of a new skateboard hero: A.V.E’s boy from Santa Ana.” — Keith Denley

Feels like the current wave of Milanese travel that we’ve seen — the one now obviously centerpieced by “STALLION” — began with this September 2016 Ben Chadourne edit, which feels centuries old at this point.


  1. i gotta admit it, that arizona iced tea edit is actually pretty good, and i’ll prob buy myself an RX ENERGY from them later on today

    what can i say? I’m a hopeless slave to american consumerism

  2. That Arizona edit was low key fuego wasnt expecting to yell at the screen like that on a casual monday morning

  3. y’all goin’ harder than usual on the thugger references lately. real recognizing real

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