Thrasher has been posting some gems before clocking out for the weekend as of late. “Down Bad” is a Philly video by Harry Bergenfield. Includes the second Kris Brown opener part in two weeks, a lot of Jahmir Brown footy, and a wild ender section from Brian O’Dwyer. Front feeble Zuccotti is nuts.

“It makes me wonder how I’d have turned out if I’d only skated with people my own age? I don’t know if I’d have the same discipline.” Farran did a #longform interview with Justin Henry for the Slam City Skates blog.

Last week’s repeat viewing award winner: Mark Del Negro’s new part for Hopps.

4Ply has a heartwarming interview about the heartwarming endeavors going on over at Skate After School.

Carl Aikens and Eric Herrera’s shared mini intro part for Huf unlocks a new level at Brick 9.

Enjoy a rustic grilled cheese and some Hi-8 outtakes from the Bronze dudes.

More Hi-8! “Crimson” is a sick Hi-8 montage filmed on #modern spots with a camera from yesteryear. Getting stuck at that bank-to-bench under the FDR this past fall/winter on a windy, grey day came with a unique sense of bleakness, and the footy of it here makes it look like they’re skating it in 1993.

Today in IG comps: 20 minutes of Sean Pablo outtakes.

New edit via Parking Lot Music from around the city. Was wondering when that downhill ride-on Philly step thing would start popping up in clips…

Fred Gall, Jawn Gardner, and friends skating big banks and small banks in Miami for O.J. Wheels. Just looked at where Key West actually was on the map for the first time ever in life yesterday. Trippy.

“Sage Elsesser has an enlightening anecdote to go along with seemingly any topic.” More about music than skateboarding, but Sage has a new interview over on Pitchfork.

#spotcheck: An abandoned jet-ski, via the Canal boys.

A night line interlude at Stroud and a stopover at the Supreme Brooklyn bowl with Gonz in Kai Hillebrand’s “KIM” part.

Quote of the Week: “That’s why you don’t talk to old people. They start saying weird shit.” — C. Prunty re: concerned citizens



  1. Yo. Sage Elsesser bringing up frog legs has got to be the best way to explain why lazy comparisons are real and valid.

  2. How does Johnny Wilson feel about How to with John Wilson on HBO?

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