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“Took this at the corner of 3rd Street and 2nd Avenue almost eight years ago to the day. DMX was stopped at the intersection waiting for a red light. I nervously fumbled to get my phone out, framed him up, snapped one off and gave him a nod. He smiled, nodded back and told me to buy his record. The light turned green and he was off… R.I.P.” — Keith Denley, 4.14.13 / NY, NY

Not often that you see such an expanding brain take on skating the Courthouse Drop :)

The Skate Media™ loves Hungary’s Rios Crew. They’ve kept it interesting and evolving for so long. Just take it from Live’s lovely write-up on Mátyás Ricsi’s new Rios part, or the corresponding Grey interview with him about it. Budapest and Marseilles — that’s the post-pandemic travel wishlist, and that has everything to do with watching random skate edits on the internet ♥

Honestly, a collab video between Rios and the Broth dudes out of New Orleans would be a masterwork of audiovisual crust. Thoroughly enjoyed this slice of Broth raw files and outtakes.

“That whole building was crazy, we had downstairs neighbors that would film music videos and porn in their apartment. There were rats and carbon monoxide poisoning, like one time the fire department came to test the basement and said if you spent a couple of hours in there, you would die.” Max Palmer’s Heckride interview might’ve just inspired an idea for #future #content: a rundown of people’s first skate house experiences in New York.

“You ride for Toy Machine now! Hit this blunt!” Mike Maldanado, one of skateboarding’s best storytellers, is a pleasure to listen to on The Bunt. (This part is always worth a revisit, btw.)

“Put your phone far away from you and watch the video on the largest screen available to you, preferably at night with your beverage of choice. Take in each clip and frame and appreciate that projects like this are a gift—things that people work for years on and then shoot to your devices for free.” Anthony Pappalardo the Writer reviews Quasi’s Grand Prairie video, and observes how both Quasi and the F.A. camp have carved out such unique, similar-but-different paths since diverging from Alien Workshop nearly a decade ago.

With so much of skateboarding’s progression tied to doing things for the first time, Boil the Ocean writes about how skateboarding is officially old enough to celebrate pros doing their tricks for the last time.

Month late alert! Chromeball interviewed Sean Sheffey in March. In it, he talks about getting on Shut despite never having visited New York at the time, and his story of the photo with Coco Santiago on Park Avenue in 1989 — unequivocally one of the greatest New York skate images ever. (ICYMI: Zach interviewed the photographer about the shot some years back.)

Quote of the Week: “Eat what you can’t afford until you actually can’t afford it.” — Sean Kinney

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