That Ain’t The Brodie That’s My Brodie

Alexis Lacroix (the 2019 Q.S.O.T.Y.) is the latest guest on The Bunt. The origin story behind the eponymous catch-phrase is as good as you think it is.

A new edition of Bronze 56k radio to help celebrate that stimmy.

Skate Jawn and Adidas came together for a new edit of the current Philly generation, which includes the first Jamal Smith sighting in a minute ♥

…aannddd Kris Brown, who has a mini-part of an opener in that video, has a new interview live on Jenkem.

It feels like Kevin Bradley’s post-“BLESSED” footy has been defined by appearing in montages and doing unquestionably the best shit in them, so enjoy these 30 minutes (!) of K.B. IG loosies. A lot of skatepark clips, but it’s all gold. That back 360 landing directly into the nollie 360 is so good.

“It’s a fast life and I like to slow it down as much as possible.” Paradeworld has a rad new interview with Beatrice Domond.

Shin Sanbongi also talks about the virtues of a slower-paced life + surf influences in his new interview for Grey.

“If a dog bites you once it’s his fault, but if it bites you again it’s your fault.” OG.2000 does it for their dogs in an encore to last week’s “WAF” video. The *flick* on that kickflip, wow.

“PACK,” the new edit from our friends at Toronto’s Blue Tile Louge is amazing. Jed Anderson footy, some Stafhon sightings, etc.

A bit of a Hjalte Halberg part in the new iPhone edit from Dancer CPH, in addition to footy from Andrew Wilson, Ville, etc.

The latest edit from Picture Show, the new imprint under the Theories umbrella, went live on Thrasher just before the weekend. Includes a Taylor Nawrocki part at the end. Read about the Picture Show backstory in Josh Stewart’s new interview on the VHS Mag site (text is in English.)

Some raw Jake Johnson footy from a hometown July 4th session in the oh-so-far-away year of 2019.

R.I.P. to the out rails at Madison Square Garden, a place with its share of folklore about early-morning missions trying to circumvent the three-second bust.

Quote of the Week: “I’m too tender-hearted to be looking for coals at night by myself.” — Torey G. re: a grill supplies mission gone bad


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