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Throughout 2019, Alexis Lacroix‘s drawn out “Oh yeah!” elevated itself into a mantra of spiritual skateboard proportions. We oh yeah’d during our successes to amplify the good feelings. We oh yeah’d during troubled times, to remind ourselves that no misstep was large enough to derail our greater journey. And sometimes, we oh yeah’d when there was nothing else to say — it was a placeholder for any and all emotion. At the same time, Alexis’ skateboarding, most notably via Dime’s Knowing Mixtape Volume 2, was everything and nothing you had seen before. It made you cheer, it made you confused, it frightened you, it made you think, and it made you laugh — sometimes in the span of the same six seconds. With Rita on his shoulder, it also reminded us that our furry, four-legged friends are skaters too. Thank you for the inspiration Alexis Lacroix, the 2019 Q.S.S.O.T.Y.

We will be out of the office until January 6, making this the last QS update of the decade! Webstore purchases will ship as ordered. Everyone enjoy the rest of your break, take care of yourself, and thanks for all the support this year, decade, etc. ♥

Elijah, Tino, Dougie and a lot of faces you’ll recognize from Corp edits in the Metropolitan x Adidas ‘DWYCK’ video live on Thrasher. Those lines inside the Fulton Street Subway really make you feel something, yaknow?

Every skateboarder’s original sin is being a dickhead. This was a great late-in-the-fourth-quarter surprise: Noah Singleton’s ender part in the Sportsman Shit video. Highlights include the double ollies on the Lexington and 104th Street hill, the 5050-into-whatever-that-was on the Philly step, and the quick-footed Paine Webber ollie — all of which find new ways of looking at well-traversed ground. That TWS video player though…

Always a pleasure seeing Akira footage. Brett Sube’s “Fun in the City” video is a six-minute New York montage, and looks like it was all filmed this past summer.

This is unlike any skate edit you’ve seen before… Depending on how tuned into the world you are, you might be aware that Chile has been in the throes of some gnarly political unrest. Ignacio Palma’s “Estado Asesino,” a five-minute VX montage, chronicles the skate scene that thrives between the country’s uncertainty as up close as he could possibly get.

Our always consistent, always creative, and never saturated friends at POP Trading Company put together a montage on Thrasher of their best clips from 2019, covering Euro spots that you don’t see all over IG.

Well, a #TFreport made it to WorldStar before the decade was out, so there’s that.

Boil the Ocean’s year-end “best parts” list continues with Nik Stain in 5th, Gustav in 4th, and Mark Suciu in 3rd, who apparently put out 22.5 minutes of footage this year.

And on that note, it’s another week, and another #longform Suciu interview — this time on the Slam City Skates blog via Farran.

Café Creme also released its year-end best parts list.

NY Skateboarding has full pics of the Vans Space 198 indoor park, which opens in Bushwick this Thursday. You can check our edit here :)

It’s wild that you can read a top 100 Future songs of the decade list going “yeah, yep, uhuh, uhuh, yes” and then after #100 think, “Wait, what about ‘Mad Luv?’ What about ‘Ball Forever?’ What about ‘Space Cadets?’ What about ‘Mo Reala?’ What about ‘Turn On Me?’ What About ‘Inside the Mattress?’ What about…”

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Devonte’ Gram like whatever fuccit.

Quote of the Week
[Name Withheld]: “I had like a $7,000 New Year’s Eve in Miami.”
Inquisitive Gentleman: “Jesus, what happened?”
[Name Withheld]: “Two hotel rooms I didn’t use, 15 hours in a club, and I lost a scooter.”


  1. Found out about future from the QS westgate remix in like 2011 (?)

    Still sitting hear jamming “hate the real me” damn near a decade later. bless.

  2. First Future song I heard was “Magic” feat the 5’2 racist gun felon snitch who checks his daughters hymen and didn’t vote for Hillary cause she’s a woman

  3. imagine the defining trait of your personality being that you tell people you read books

  4. yeah, that’d be like decribing yourself by saying you really enjoy music… or movies… or a physical activity, some dumb shit like that

    what a kook this dude is for reading lolol

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