Q.S.S.O.T.Y. 2021

Images via Jon Coulthard, Hjalte & Golden Hour. Collage by Requiem For A Screen.

Wanted to leave Ben Chadourne’s part embedded here while we go on vacation for the next week.

With so much packed into “Skateboard Oscars Season” — S.O.T.Y. campaigns, big-name video releases, people being surprised with their pro boards — it’s easy to grow numb to just *how much* we are expected to absorb. It is rare for something to completely shock and shake you out of the ocean of skateboard content quite like the surprise release of Ben Chadourne’s “J’SUIS PAS BEN” part did. Even for those of us lucky enough to have seen Ben skate in real life, this one was full of surprises.

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Foreva Eva

Throughout 2019, Alexis Lacroix‘s drawn out “Oh yeah!” elevated itself into a mantra of spiritual skateboard proportions. We oh yeah’d during our successes to amplify the good feelings. We oh yeah’d during troubled times, to remind ourselves that no misstep was large enough to derail our greater journey. And sometimes, we oh yeah’d when there was nothing else to say — it was a placeholder for any and all emotion. At the same time, Alexis’ skateboarding, most notably via Dime’s Knowing Mixtape Volume 2, was everything and nothing you had seen before. It made you cheer, it made you confused, it frightened you, it made you think, and it made you laugh — sometimes in the span of the same six seconds. With Rita on his shoulder, it also reminded us that our furry, four-legged friends are skaters too. Thank you for the inspiration Alexis Lacroix, the 2019 Q.S.S.O.T.Y.

We will be out of the office until January 6, making this the last QS update of the decade! Webstore purchases will ship as ordered. Everyone enjoy the rest of your break, take care of yourself, and thanks for all the support this year, decade, etc. ♥

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