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Nik Stain by Paul Coots, who has a couple shots from John’s Vid over on his Instagram.

Patrick Kikongo, creator of The Black List, has a public service announcement to keep in mind while you’re doing any skate-related holiday shopping.

“I think you’re the first person to actually own up to drunk claims in one of these interviews.” Joey Pepper talks drunk claims and everything in-between for his new Chromeball interview.

Really know nothing about this edit, but enjoyed it a lot — maybe because editing a pandemic-era skate video to “World Hold On” is funny and perfect. “TFTI” is a fourteen-minute homie edit by Reilly Schlitt that looks like it was largely filmed during lockdown days, as all the Stroud, etc. footy is from when none of the courts had hoops. If you don’t have that whistle stuck in your head after hearing that song…idk, one day you will have to answer to the children of the sky ;)

Have a Good Day” is a nice, summery three minutes of New York skateboarding. It’s supposed to snow on Wednesday, btw.

Unannounced” is a new edit from Stoops NY with the first half in midtown et al., and the other half out west. That first 270 tail shuv is wild ♥♥

Andrew Wilson posted a few iPhone angles from his brother’s video on IG.

Pretty sure the first edit from Kyota and them that was posted on here was filmed on a Nintendo DS, and “Remember Me” is a continuation of that beautifully fried concept. Footage is from a pre-COVID world though.

Week late on this, but… of course it’s a guy on Natural Koncept ;) Brandon Bonner front 180ed a subway track.

Yaje has a new Alien Workshop part up on Thrasher. Largely filmed in Mexico, with some city + Philly footage at the end.

Antosh has a quick new edit out featuring Vancouver homies and Bobby DeKeyzer.

The Warm-Up Zone talks premiere edits that were different than what ended up being released on hard-copy. How contorted would our canonization of Photosynthesis be if the Habitat section ended up just being four minutes, one song — with no graphics, titles, or slo mo?

Spot Updates: Italian Ledges is blocked off, BAM’s unknobbed, it’s the circle of life.

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  1. Nice reading one of these again, I’ve been pretty busy lately, great week for skateboarding

  2. I remember Sensitive Skate. Good to see Reilly’s still at it :)

    p.s. Reilly if you’re reading this please post the s(K)aty Perry part to your Vimeo

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